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I met Lisa at a craft fair last fall and instantly feel in love with all the little trinkets at her booth. She has a great eye for awesome fabrics and brilliant ideas about their uses. I love her wallets and pincushions. I loved her pincushions so much that I stole the idea and made a bunch of them for gifts and for our shop. That is one of the reasons I search the internet at night…to steal ideas or as I call it “blog-lift”. One of the best things about “blog-lifting” is that you can take a great idea that some amazing lady had and put your own twist on it. Please enjoy the tutorials that we have to offer here on Phat Quarters and send us pictures of your own creative twist on them. Check back on next week to see my twist on the great tutorial Lisa is giving us today, Fabric Cover Buttons. In the meantime here is a little bit more about 
Lisafrom Night Owl Studios at www.nightowlstudios.etsy.com 

Interests…fabric shopping, crafting, reading, raising 5 fantastic kids, a new found love of Yoga, and an everlasting love of real and fresh foods! Good food makes me so happy!
Favorite colors:mustard yellow, grey and teal. (Just redecorated my living room in those colors.) food: quinoa salads or mango salsa with tortilla chips. guilty pleasure: spending way too much money on fabrics. Oh, and everyone who knows me knows I’m a bit obsessed with owls.
Finish the sentence…I’d rather be…on vacation. I feel like I always need one. Even when I just get back from one! Especially if it’s to the ocean, or to Italy.
What is your favorite decorative item in your home? The gorgeous dark teal ceramic owl that my dear friend Lindsey gave me. He is the perfect addition to my living room mantle!
What is your favorite quote? I have so many! But one of my all-time favorites is by Eleanor Roosevelt… “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.”
What do you like to create? I love to make bags and wallets, hair clips, jewelry, and pincushions. I honestly think if I didn’t have time to create and work with fabric, I would not be a woman who would be very easy to live around.  J
Fabric Covered Buttons Tutorial:

I am so excited to share this fun and easy tutorial with everyone! These cute and trendy fabric covered buttons can be used for some many different types of things…magnets, pushpins, hairclips, and simply for buttons used in your sewing creations! Here is a photo of some of the items I’ve made in my shop with them.
There are many different sizes and types of fabric covered buttons. The easiest way to buy the materials for this project is to look for a kit. I got mine at Wal-Mart, and I think it was about $1.60 for the kit, which includes 4 buttons. I’ve also purchased them at craft stores and on Etsy. The kit I bought looks like this…
Next, all you will need is 4 small swatches of any cotton-type materials. I just picked 4 pieces from my fabric scrap stash…
Your scraps need to only be approximately 2.5×2.5 inches each. They don’t have to be exactly that size, they just have to be able to fit around the buttons that you bought. The ones I’m using for this tutorial are 7/8 inch. The first step is to center a button top (see photo below) on the wrong side of the first fabric scrap you are using. Make sure to put it behind the part of the fabric that you will want to show on the top of your button.
Now you will need to take the white plastic tool that came in your button kit and fit it over the right side of the fabric so that the button top fits inside of it, like this…
The photo above is of what the front of your scrap will now look like, the button should be pushed all the way inside the tool, and the back will now look like this…
You will have some wrinkles along the back edge of the button (on the wrong side of the fabric), and that is ok, but if you have any large wrinkles, try to smooth them out a bit by gently pulling the fabric on both sides of the wrinkle so you won’t have any major bumps in the fabric on the front of the button.
Next you will want to take scissors and trim the excess fabric from around the button tool. Important: Do not trim off too much or you won’t be able to keep the fabric tucked into the button. It should look like this after you trim it…
Then, simply tuck the edges of the fabric into the middle of the back of the button like this…
You will then take the other part of the button (the flat part with the shank sticking out of it) and put it shank side out over the tucked in fabric. Like this…
Next, use the second part of the plastic tool, which is smaller and blue, and place it over the back of the button with the open part over the shank. Push the blue part really hard into the button using your fingers…and if that doesn’t work, I just use tooth and jaw power!
At this point, you simply need to pop the button out of the top of the white tool…and voila!
Beautiful fabric covered buttons! Aren’t they lovely? And with so many ways to use them. One of my favorites is to make magnets. To do that, just remove the shank with a plier and use heavy duty glue (my favorite is E-6000) to attach a round magnet to the back.

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  1. Lisa, these are so cute! I never realized how simple making covered buttons could be! Now I can't wait to use up some scraps & make a bunch! 🙂

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