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To capture a perfect moment on film you need a lot of patience, good lighting, and a camera of some sort will be truly beneficial. The other thing that you will want (and can have if you live in the Vancouver, Portland area of the beautiful Pacific Northwest) is Grace Jenson. Grace is a fun loving new mommy with a talent behind the lens of her camera. She has taken many photographs of my family and I have not had a complaint about it yet. I also have had the opportunity to learn the art of Newborn Photography from her this last year. She has a great creative eye and takes shots that are out of the box yet still classic and lovely. Grace is joining us today to show you how she captured a perfect moment with my new son.

This picture was taken two days before my littlest man was re-admitted to the family birthing center at our hospital due to RSV. He and I spent a week in isolation, where more than once I thought that this picture might be one of our last captured moments of our precious son. I am so grateful that my fears did not become reality! These pictures now mean so much more to me and Grace truly did capture a perfect moment for us. 
So here she is…Grace from Gracie J Photography

Interests: photography, sewing,playing my Viola and soccer, hiking, camping, and doing DIY projects around the house.
Favorite Colors: blue, pink and red
Finish the sentence – “I’d rather be…on a vacation with my family.”
What is your favorite decorative item in your home? It’s this painting in my office that means the world to me. It was given to me on my wedding day by an amazing women who  was like a grandmother to me.
What is you favorite quote? I was raised with this quote. I don’t think it’s my favorite but it’s one I live by; “If you always do what you’ve  always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”
What do you like to create? Fun portraits/memories for people to enjoy!

Keeping Color on your Black & White Photos a tutorial by Grace Jenson
Today I’m going to show you how to edit your photos so that a portion of your photo is black and white and other elements are in color. Start by opening the photo that you want to change in Photoshop. This is a shot I took of Gemia’s newest baby boy Nolan. 
Now you will need to change this photo into a black and white image. If you have a black and white action that you enjoy, run that now. If you do not have an action or one you want to use, then you need duplicate your layer. To do this go to Layer tab and click on Duplicate Layer. Now on the right hand side of the screen under the layers tab it will show the layer you just duplicate. Go to the bottom of the layer tab and you will see a button that has a square with a circle in the middle (Vector Mask), click on it. Doing this will add a mask to the layer you created. Now make sure that the layer image is selected, NOT the mask.

Next you need to change the hue and saturation levels of the photo. To do this click on the Image tab, click on the Adjustments, and then the Hue/Saturation slider.

Drag this slider all the way to the left to make the photo black and white. Click OK. Now your photo should be Black and White.

Now you want to click on the Mask that you created first. Then you are going to erase away part of the black and white layer that you just created on top of your original color image. To do this, get the Eraser tool from the tool box on the left. When you have selected the Eraser, go to the Brush options box at the top of the screen and click on the drop down box arrow. Set the hardness of the brush to 100% so you will have accurate control of the selection. **You may also need to raise or lower the brush size to fit over the elements of your photo that you are trying to turn back into color.

Now take your cursor and click and hold over the areas of your photo that you want to have in color. If you make a mistake you can click on the Edit tab and undo your last action or you can change the color box in the tools section at the left of your screen (two squares with a double sided arrow between them), from white to black, then continue using the brush action as you were. Now you are erasing the color from the black and white layer that you created in the first step, reverting it back to black and white. Fun right!?! To erase away the black and white layer again, so that you see the original color image, switch the color box back from black to white.

When you are done playing with changing the color, or lack thereof on your photo you need to flatten your layers. To do this click on the Layer tab on the right side of your screen under the thumbnail image of your photo. Click flatten. Now you can save your image, print it and hang it on your wall or post it on your blog.

I hope that this tutorial will help you create beautiful finished images. If photography is not your thing, or you just want to be in a photo rather than taking it, stop by my site and book a session today!
Thanks, Grace

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