DoTerra Oils & Norovirus

So, I was searching the Internet  looking for my next vacation destination, when I came along this blog and saw that they were running a series called Live, Love, Local. They stated that the series would highlight their local loves and the creative lives they live. Well I must say I was immediately offended that I was not included in this series! I have been living in two of these ladies houses for almost a complete month now, I have been loving every moment of it (even if they have not), and I have found very creative nooks and crannies to hide in, avoiding their efforts to get rid of me. How could they NOT think of me. And so…I, Mr.Flu Bug, better known to my enemies as Norovirus, have high-jacked this blog (as easily and efficiently as I have the homes of these lovely ladies) to do my own creative tutorial.

Tutorial: How to Survive a Visit from me, Norovirus

Step One: Let’s Play Hide & Seek
You won’t know that I am here, until I’m really here! I mean settled in and ready to play. My favorite mode of transportation into your homes is through your children. I love to play hide & seek and where is a better place to play this game then at school! So many kids, so many backpacks, so little time in the flu season. When your kids trade food at lunch, share snacks in class, or my favorite; when they stick those cute little tongues and send each other long, sloppy, raspberries through the air well, this is when I just jump from one “angel” to the next and ride the school bus home. Now, Gemia has finally caught on to this little trick and is using Lysol on backpacks and hand sanitizers (her favorite seems to be these fruity PocketBacs from Bath and Body Works) on her kids before they are allowed to come into the house after school, but I feel this is a bit excessive and there is no real need to promote such sanitation efforts.

Step Two: Try as You May
Now that I have successfully made it into your homes you have to find all those nooks and crannies that have been hidden by the darkness of winter and have yet to get their slot on your spring cleaning list. I can survive on almost any surface weeks after someone dropped me off and I have been known to resist certain disinfectants. I also love to hide in food. You can heat me up to 140 degrees and I’ll still be working on my oven tan. There is this site called the CDC that suggests that you wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly and make sure all seafood is cook completely through, but again a bit excessive right? They also want you to go to all the work of cleaning every contaminated surface with a chlorine bleach solution, a concentration of 1000-5000 ppm (5-25 tablespoons of household bleach {5.25%} per gallon of water), every single time someone becomes ill! Like you have the time or energy to do that, it’s not really that important anyway, I promise. Again Gemia has tried to beat me at my own game by doing all this AND laundering every thing anyone has touched each & every time a new person in the house gets sick AND she has broken her budget by purchasing pizza once or twice when she herself was sick because she thought that not touching food while sick was a good idea. Nice try sweetheart.

Step Three: When All Else Fails – Have Fun with It
Now if you have a family as large as Gemia does, with so many kids for me to play with, I will warn you that I might have a little too much fun and forget the formal courtesy of not overstaying my visit. Truthfully I love to walk this line, as it makes me feel powerful and rebellious! I will give Gemia some credit where credit is due; she has gone through the full array of emotions during my visits and has finally come to a point where she can laugh about all this. See, I am really just trying to spread joy and laughter through the world, I’ve always gotten a bad wrap but I’m not as evil as everyone makes me out to be. Any-who, Gemia and her kids got creative building a “vomit runway”of towels down their hall and into the bathroom. She also has made the children pretend they are baby birds and sleep in “nests” on the bathroom floor and she has designated her bedroom as isolation room where the kids can watch a show while she tries all that excessive cleaning stuff suggested by that CDC place. Even last night, as I played a game of toss your cookies for the third time with one of her daughters, she told the other two that they were going to pretend to have a camp-out on their newly disinfected bedroom floor because all the beds were stripped of sheets and wet with Lysol. Maybe if I hang out for another week or so she might really surprise the kids and rent a hotel room for two days so the HazMat crew can come and clean the house, ’cause truth be told I don’t think she is very good at the cleaning thing. I have heard a rumor that she has now called in for the ‘hippie medicine’ as her husband calls it. But I think she has more to tell you about that and she appears to be headed toward the computer with another bottle of Lysol, so I should wrap it up. If you want a visit from me head over to Gemia’s house and hang out for a while or just ignore all that advice from the CDC. Ta-ta hope to find you soon.

Ha ha, that was fun. Please remember that all the information I have given you on the Norovirus is from the CDC but I obviously played with the wording to have fun. I also have NOT been paid for the shout outs in the post and in no way am  I endorsing or taking responsibility for the success or lack there of the products or the stupid norovirus. And all the opinions in the post are just that, my opinions. I am just making fun of my current lot in life with this post. But as Mr. Norovirus said I did call in for my ‘hippe medicine’ and the best part is that not only will my family be using it but one of yours can too! My friend Amber Swalberg is a consultant for doTERRA. This is a great company that   provides certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. She came to my rescue in my last pregnancy (I used DigestZen and Peppermint Essential Oil) and I have called on her again. I am buying a bottle of the essential oil blend called On Guard. This little bottle is not only brilliant at boosting your immune system but it can also be used for cleaning and to diffuse as an aroma therapy. You can get your own bottle from Amber by going to her website;, or emailing her at

You can win a bottle by leaving one comment for each of the following actions and we will use a random number generator to pick the winner. We will notify you by email so make sure it’s on there. You will have 48 hours to respond and then we will move on and pick again. The giveaway will end Wednesday night, February 27 at bedtime, 8:00pm. Good Luck.

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  1. Thankfully, we have never had rsv in our house, just common colds and an occasional flu. We don't do anything special, just lots of water, rest and vitamins. However, I have really been wanting to try essential oils; to get rid of yucky germs as well as all the other amazing things they can help with. Thanks for the chance to try one out!

  2. I think my favorite item in your shop is the Under The Sea quilt. It would be perfect for my little guy (who I hope will grace us with his presence soon as he is due the 27th).

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