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This  last November I was honored to participate in a local celebration of Christmas called “The Festival of Nativities” hosted by the Vancouver Washington Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While spending hours designing, prepping, and setting up for the big event I was able to meet a local crafter Steph from Crafting in the Rain. Steph is a very bubbly, bright, and beautiful woman. She is full of amazing ideas and a joy to be around. 
I love to Blog-Lift, don’t we all, and so when I saw here post for “Orange You Glad” Valentines cards I quickly jumped all over it. With 5 kids in my house, 3 being girls, we needed a lot of Valentines cards and I love the fact that these cards highlighted friendship more than the actual lovey-dovey generic cards from the box. We made a trip to Winco for orange slices and made these sweet Valentines treats by the dozens. I also wanted a fun and easy Saint Patrick’s Day craft to make with my girls this year and found the perfect idea on her blog. When we were at the Festival of Nativities, Steph made simple yet beautiful wreaths to decorate the Chapel. I decided to create the same wreaths but in the shape of a shamrock. Check back next week for the results. In the meantime lets welcome Steph from Crafting in the Rain. Oh yeah,and  she is a member of the Craftaholics Anonymous 2013 Creative Team, congrats Steph.

Interests: pretty paper,ruffles, things that sparkle and free patterns. And chocolate.
Favorite Colors: Pink
Finish the sentence…”i’d rather be…making something instead of cleaning, and eating something that someone else cooked instead of me.
Favorite decoritiveitem in your house: The train pallet art I made for my son’s room
Favorite Quote: “I’ts all part of the adventure.” from my dad 🙂
What do you like to Create: things for my home, our kids, and treats to eat.

My two girls don’t have a very extensive jewelry collection, and mostly what they have is little plastic beaded stuff.  But what they do have is often in a tangled up mess in a box and they never wear it. So I turned a plain Ikea MALMA mirror into a cute place for their necklaces and bracelets to hang. Here’s what you’ll need to make one yourselfIkea mirror


paint (I used regular craft paint in a light blue)brushsandpapernailshammersaw tooth hanger Start by painting the frame of the mirror.  You can tuck paper around the actual mirror to keep paint off of it, but if a little gets on, it scrapes off easily as well.  You may need to do a few coats. When it’s completely dry, sand corners and edges as desired to distress.

Find the center on the top back of the mirror and install the saw tooth hanger. Then on the front of the mirror, set small nails all around the edges, alternating placement so pieces can hang down.

Hang on the wall, preferably at a low enough level where your kids can reach it, and add necklaces and bracelets.  Hopefully they’ll think it looks so cute they’ll put the items back at the end of the day too 🙂

I hope this looks like something you’ll try.  Thanks for  having me on Phat Quarters today!! Photobucket

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