Chevron St. Patrick’s Day Clover

For our last Live, Love Local crafter we found Melinda. Sadly Melinda and I have yet to meet in person, but she and some other friends of ours have created a crafting group that meets once a month, WITHOUT hubbies, kids, and worries and WITH glue, paper, wood, paint and other such lovely things. I have been trying to get to one of these nights for months, literally, but it has yet to be a reality. Here are a few of my  favorites that I missed:

Since I can’t seem to get to these great ladies nights, I decided to convince Melinda to bring the night to me, here. Best thing is that I still have tons of wood in my storage room, left over  from the Festival of Nativities this last year, so this tutorial is already perfect for me.I hope it will be perfect for you to.

TUTORIAL: Chevron St. Patrick’s Day Clover
Hey!  I’m Melinda from over at Under My Umbrella here to share an easy St. Patrick’s day project.  If you have visited my blog you would  know I’m a fan of working with wood.  I walk into Home Depot and take a deep breath of the lovely smell of fresh cut wood!   Lately, I love working with old wood and turning it into something new and crafty and that’s exactly what I did with this project.

I went into my garage and found an old piece of wood. I think this particular one used to belong to a fence.  Once people know you like to use old wood they start giving it to you.  It’s fabulous!   I cut it three times into even pieces.  I also grabbed some mdf and traced a shamrock on it and cut it with my scroll saw.  I used THIS SHAMROCK as my pattern.

Now it’s time to paint.  I painted my wood a cream color and my shamrock with what else?!  Green 🙂   I’m really loving the chevron pattern everyone is using and had to add it into this project.  You can find a great pattern HERE.  I also craft with some gals on a blog called WOOD YOU LIKE TO CRAFT (WYLTC).  Our projects this month all had a little chevron in them.

The pattern is easy to cut and use.  I traced mine on my project with a pencil.

Thanks so much for including me! Melinda

I hand painted my chevron lines.  Nope they aren’t perfect and yes it drives me crazy!  I would be such a better crafter if I could get over that stuff.  Oh well!

Last I glued all my pieces together with gorilla glue and let dry.  It turned out pretty cute!  Perfect for St. Patrick’s day!

Thanks Gemia for letting me come play on your blog!  It’s fun seeing what everyone is up to on a local level. So many creative people! Thanks so much for including me!

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  1. I just LOVE this! Is it big? What are the measurements on this? What's the trim on the top and bottom? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

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