Rainbow Thread Pillow

I kinda have a thing for pillows. My husband says I sleep with twenty of them but in reality its only 3-4, unless I steal one of his. We  have a small little couch and two leather arm chairs in our living room and I will admit that while there is at least one pillow on each of the chairs, on any given day, there are about 7 pillows of varying sizes on the couch. 7+2=9 Yeah, it might be over-kill but, I LOVE PILLOWS! I love that they make me feel comfortable and invite me to cuddle up on  the couch with my kids. I love that I can change their location from room to room or chair to couch. I love that they are soft enough to throw at my kids when I need to get their attention. And…I love that I can use them to change the whole look of my room. It is so simple to take a pillow you already have on  your couch and put a new cover over; 1-2-3 PA-BAM you have changed the decor for a new season or holiday. 1-2-3 PA-BAM my house decor has gone from whimsical to traditional and back again {truth be told there is seldom a traditional anything in my house, but I like the way it looks – in friends houses}.

The best part is that the pillow covers are also super easy and fun to make. I am clearing out Valentines stuff and setting up for St. Patrick’s Day, which is one of my favorite holidays. And so I am changing up my pillows. While doing this I saw that one of my favorite pillows has seen better days – perhaps I threw it at the kids one to many times. It is a great little pillow I got from Ikea years ago, with green stitching in a rainbow shape over and over again. It was a year round cover that works perfectly for St.Patrick’s Day. Alas, it had to go, BOO-HOO, so I had to make a new one, YEAH!

TUTORIAL: Rainbow Thread Pillow
made possible by my new best friend the Pilot FriXion pen

So, I have tried many different methods to trace lines or images onto material. I have used tailors chalk, vanishing pens {which works if you do not have a thousand little interruptions from your kids}, and have stop just short of spitting on my material…remember that lady in Project Runway that would spit on everything, it still makes me laugh. Sheena introduced me to my new best friend about a month ago and we have been together ever since! Pilots FriXion ball point pen is a dream come true! I can use it like a regular pen, what I mean is it actually works like a regular pen. I don’t have to press down hard on my material or have big bulky chalk lines that get wiped away just before I need them. No, this pen is smooth and stays put until…you turn on your iron an sweep it across the ink. All of a sudden the ink disappears and you are left with your stitched creation, like a rainbow, or a mark-less dress. Watch her in action…
I choose to make a rainbow and therefore wanted my design to a mirror image of the left and right. To do this I drew half of my rainbow on the wrong side of the material. I then folded the material in half and copied the image onto the right side of the fabric. Once this was done I laid the fabric flat again right side up and traced over my first drawing which I could see through the material. You can always make a template of the image you want to sew, then pin that template to your material and trace around it with you FriXion pen. I think this is what I’m going to do for some new Easter pillows.

I had so much fun with this technique! My head is already filled with more thread pillows. Thanks to my new best friend the Pilot FriXion pen I can actually do it! What can you create with this technique? Well to accomplish it you will need my new best friend…SO...today’s Lucky Me Lucky You Giveaway will be two of these fabulous Pilot FriXion pens and a 10% discount on any fabric purchase from our shop. To win it you have to jump through the following hoops, leave a comment for each hoop you jump through. You have till Friday March 15th at midnight.

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  1. That's CUTE!! I love pillows, too, they're so quick to make and can be changed out easily when I get tired of them! Thanks for the tip on the fabric markers, too!

  2. And I like you on Facebook! Whew!

    Very cute blog – I hope to start a "real" one soon as well as an etsy shop. If only I was as creative as you with the blog name. "Phat Quarters" – How clever is that?! Love it.

  3. Oh, I have NO idea what I would try first – but the possibilities are endless! It would be great as I'm working on free-motion quilting!

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