Easter Photo Booth Props

Hey everybody have you noticed that Easter is hopping just around the corner!?! I have and I’m  not sure I am ready to greet the Easter Bunny yet. My little family has been through a lot this year and we are in direr need for good old fashion fun!

In my family we have the Easter Bunny come hide fun silly eggs on Saturday and then Sunday is reserved for a very special Story of Easter Egg Hunt and a big family dinner. There are many versions of this Story of Easter Egg Hunt out there in the blogging world and on the internet. I enjoy the one found here at An Ordinary Mom. This is pretty much identical to what I have done. If you need a fun way to share the true story of Easter with your family I would suggest trying it.

But as special and wonderful as the religious aspect of Easter is, I have felt that my family has needed to pump up Easter to get us all smiling again. So the other day when I needed some props for a Photo Booth that I did up my road, at Little Cups &Grown-Ups, I gathered my kids (and a neighbor girl) around our table and pulled out the art box. And we made Easter pictures and props to get us all excited for the Easter Bunny part of Easter. One glue volcano and a few stickers later we had created a bucket full of props. The kids quickly used their props outside in a fantastical “Easter Island Bunny Hiding Play” (though for them it was an island filled with bunny rabbits and eggs) and I used mine for photos.

Here’s what you need to recreate this fun background & props for your Easter Photo Booth.

Create Paper& Tape: I just went to the Dollar Store and bought a bunch of it. I wanted a white base so I used backdrop paper on a stand first, but you can use a wall if you want to or a curtain rod. Then I started to tape the Create Paper to the top of the stand. Once it felt fluffy enough for me (I think I used 3 rolls of the Create Paper) I started to throw in some color. I used pink, yellow and purple, but wish I would have added   the aqua and lime green I forgot at home. That’s it. Every now and again I would “fluff” it to make sure the colors got all mixed up. I love how it turned out!

Sticky Foam Sheets
Dowel Rods
Templates (trace around any image  you like)

Mine were very simple because I wanted them that way, but you could jazz them up by using patterned scrapbook paper or cut and paste different patterns together yourself. All I did was draw the images I wanted on cardstock and then cut out the image to use as a template.

I then traced the template onto the back of my Sticky Foam and cut it out.

To have an image on both sides you will need two of each image AND you will want to flip your image horizontally after your first tracing so to make a mirrored image on the second piece of foam. Luckily I realized this before I cut!

Then I simply peeled the backing off of the foam and placed the dowel on the sticky side of the foam.

Next peel the backing off of your mirrored image piece of foam and carefully align your edges while hovering the foam in the air. Now don’t think about it and just press the pieces together. If you are off on some of the edges all you have to do is trim it down.

Ta-Da! Fun, super sparkly, photo booth props.

Okay your turn. Go make some fun props, create a whimsical background and take an Easter basket full of fun non-traditional Easter photos.


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