We have had a delay in our normal programming due to LIFE! I can’t believe that so much of this year has already slipped through the hourglass. We have experienced so much life in these last few months. We have

seen birth & felt joy
tasted fear & slept in peace
said goodbye for time, but not eternity
found strength & faith.

Thanks for waiting around for us to find our sewing machines again. Our northwest April showers (aka downpours!) will bring many beautiful May tutorials and fun. We will be dabbling in fat quarters and featuring a new tutorial each Phat Ph-riday -cute huh. We have been sewing with our little ones and will pass on our successes and failures in that area and we will give you dibbles of advice and other dabbles as we sew and create our way through the rest of 2013.

Now we will return you to your normal broadcasting
in 5…4….3…2  okay let’s be truthful here hopefully Wednesday.


See you  then!

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