Sunglasses Case Tutorial

Say that ten times fast!  hehe! πŸ™‚   Seriously though, welcome!  We’re excited to get started on our new weekly series: fun projects using our favorite cut of fabric – Phat Quarters!  This week is Leah’s turn & she’s sharing an excellent spring gift idea:

This recent sunny weather has been quite a treat for us in the Pacific Northwest!  I have been finding myself donning my sunglasses more often lately & wishing for a nicer case than the boring one I received from my optometrist.  I made this case nice & roomy for those fashionable chunky sunglasses that don’t fit into a regular case.  This is a super simple project, perfect for completing in a single nap time!

You will need:
2 fat quarters (1 each for the main or outer piece & the lining)
1 piece of fusible fleece, cut to 9” x 15”

From each of your fat quarters, cut a 9” x 15” rectangle.  Iron the fusible fleece to the outer fabric piece

With right sides together, fold the fleece-fused fabric piece in half along the longer edge.  You will have a rectangle measuring 9” x 7.5”

Stitch along one short end & the long end, being sure to back-stitch & lock your stitches in place.  Repeat for the lining piece.

Clip the corners & turn the lining fabric right-side-out.

Tuck the lining fabric into the main fabric piece.  Right sides will be together.  Nest the seams & pin in place.  This will make sure the seams line up & look sharp.

Stitch the top of the case together, leaving a 2” gap for turning.

Turn right-side-out & press well.  I like using the sleeve attachment on my ironing board to get a good press.

Top-stitch 1/8th” away from the edge of the case opening to close up the seam from turning.

This tutorial is a great place to start on your own glasses case & let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.  You could piece the outer fabric, add some buttons for whimsy or add a closure.  I chose to skip the closure on this sunglasses case since I am usually driving while swapping out my prescription glasses for my sunglasses & need quick access without looking.
We would love to see the sunglasses cases you make!  Please share in our Flickr group!

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  1. Great project! I might have to whip one up this weekend. Maybe it will bring the sun back! Thanks for the tutorial!

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