Diaper Clutch Tutorial

When my son was born, someone gave me a diaper clutch as a gift.  My first thought was, “Why?  I can just grab diapers & wipes when I need them.”  Well, it’s been 5 years & another baby later & let me tell you, it’s a great help!  It’s easy to grab out of your crowded diaper bag or purse & keep the essentials together for a quick diaper change with a squirmy child.  Jen & I have come up with a tutorial for you to easily make a diaper clutch for your own diaper bag or as a gift for an expecting friend. 

You will need two fat quarters (one for the lining & one for the outer fabric) and 2” of velcro.  My fat quarters are 18” x 22”.  I am using a green swirl for the outer & white for the lining.


Lay the fat quarter for the outer fabric down so the 18” edge is along the side.  Measure 7” in from the side & cut with your rotary cutter.  You will have one 7” x 18” piece & one 15” x 18” piece.

Take the one 7” x 18” piece & trim down to 3” x 12”.  This will become the strap for your diaper clutch.   

Fold in half & press well.  Then open & fold each raw edge to the center & press again.  Stitch to close.  Set aside.


Cut the 15” x 18” piece of the outer fabric into two rectangles measuring 8” x 15” and 8” x 10”.  Set aside.
Take the fat quarter for the lining & cut it into two rectangles measuring 8” x 15” and 8” x 10”.

Lay all four fabric pieces on top of each other, lining up the edges & round the edges that will become the bottom of the clutch.  I used a tiny pail that holds my sewing supplies.


Round the edges of the two 8” x 15” pieces.  (This rounded edge will create the flap closure).  This rounded edge is slightly larger than the bottom edge.  I used a bobbin holder from my sewing supplies.


Let’s attach the Velcro.  Take the 8” x 10” piece of the outer fabric & mark the center of one of the short edges.  Measure 2.5” in from that center mark.  Place the hook piece of velcro parallel to the short edge  & hold in place.  I like to use a glue stick to hold the piece of velcro in place while I sew.  Sew.


Fold the handle in half & lay on the right side of the 8” x 10” piece of outer fabric, just above the velcro piece that you just attached.


Take the 8” x 15” piece of the lining fabric & mark the center of one of the short edges.  Measure 1.25” in from that center mark.  Sew the loop piece of velcro parallel to the short edge.


Place the two outside fabrics right sides together with the bottom edges matched up.  Sew along the sides & bottom using a 3/8” seam allowance.  Clip the curves.
Repeat for the lining fabric.  I also chose to trim the seam allowance of the lining fabric a little bit.  It made for less bulk in the finished diaper clutch.


Turn the lining fabric right side out & place it inside the outer fabric so that the right sides are together.  The velcro on the flap closure will be on the inside when sewing together. 
Pin carefully around the flap & inside edges & sew together, leaving a 2” gap for turning.  If you know me, I hate pins… but I pin for this project to keep things in place better.  It’s also easier to sew together if you put the bag around the throat of your sewing machine.


Clip the curves of the flap & also clip the corner; turn the clutch right side out.  Press well.

Top-stitch around the outer edge of the clutch near the flap, closing the opening used for turning the fabric.


You’re done!  If you’re not trying to sew around small children, then this is actually a pretty quick project to finish … not that I have made one an hour before a baby shower … no, not me … ever.


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