Hello Summer! {our Summer Bucket List}

Hello Sunshine & Hello Summer!  Let’s just say the housework may have been a little neglected lately …  I just can’t stay inside when the sun has finally arrived!  
My oldest just graduated from preschool this week & is soooo excited to start Kindergarten in the Fall.  Whoah, buddy … there’s a whole bunch of fun this summer to be had first!  For family night this week, we all discussed some things we would like to do this summer, including bigger outings like a road trip to Grandma’s & little things like making homemade bubbles & Flubber.  I took our “Summer Bucket List” & some scrapbook supplies & went to town making it cute to display in our home. 

This is up in a main hallway at the top of our stairs.
Each sunny idea is on a laminated square card, taped to the wall under the “Summer Fun” banners.  I plan to add a sticker to the square each time we enjoy one of the ideas (I know that there are some that we will do several times.. s’mores, homemade popsicles, water balloons, etc.).  At the end of the season, it will be fun to see all the stickers we’ve collected.

This was the first year we created a Summer Bucket List & I hope it is a tradition that continues as my children grow.  They are currently 5 (in 2 weeks, not that anyone is counting) & 21 months.  A lot of these are from my Pinterest boards.  Here’s our list:
root beer floats
make lemonade
explore block ice (freeze items in a large block of ice & let my kids explore melting or breaking the ice to retrieve the items)
sidewalk chalk
homemade pizza (my kids love to help in the kitchen & I need to let them more often)
go fishing (this may be literally or we may just make up a fun fishing game for our kiddie pool)
visit the Zoo
build a fort
Saturday Market
beach trip
4th of July parade (I LOVE our little town & the cute parade that is held every year .. it’s been a family tradition to attend since we moved here 4 years ago)
family movie night
make a treat for friends
make ice cream
make stepping stones
make magic wands (my kids love craft projects & I have lots of paper towel tubes & crepe paper)
make bird feeders
play velcro ball (a homemade game with velcro & a knit glove)
play with colored ice cubes (just a fun activity for a hot summer day)
visit the Library
play with shaving cream (there are so many ideas on Pinterest!)
go berry picking
make chocolate covered bananas
go swimming
road trip to Grandma’s
make popsicles
rockets with Dad
scavenger hunt
potato stamps
play with sponge balls
go to the Aquarium
stay up late & play with glow sticks
build our Garden bed in the backyard (work for Mom & Dad while the kiddos play)
Star Wars birthday party (my son turns 5 in a couple weeks .. he & my husband share a birthday & a love for all things Star Wars)
go hiking
picnic for dinner
cereal necklaces
wash & detail the van
make play dough
make flubber
go school shopping
plant flowers
BBQ with friends
play at the park
go to a kid movie at the movie theater
homemade bubbles
water balloons
play date with Grandma & Papa (local grandparents)
Do you & your family make a Summer Bucket List?  What are some of your favorite summer activities?
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  1. I love this idea! Too lazy to try it, but boy would my kids love it! Maybe I will TRY with our large magnetic board. And limit the kids to 1 per day. I can just see my kids wanting to do the lot in one day!

  2. Thank you, Sheena! My son loves seeing all the ideas on display in our home. Each morning he asks if we can do something from our bucket list. 🙂 A magnet board is a great idea! 🙂 Maybe I'll add magnets to my squares next year! 😉

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