4th of July Burlap Bunting Tutorial

Bunting. Bunting. Bunting. It’s not a secret that I LOVE buntings. I love them more than pillows and that is saying a lot! I have a tendency to start one project and then set it down to do some :motherly” activities and then either forget that I started it or just never really get back to it. Then a few days latter I think, ‘gee I should make this’ and a new project is started. Is anyone else a victim of this spiral? Well, true to form I wanted to make a bunting for the 4th of July because I thought it would be an easy and fun way to decorate and i twill be easy to pack in our bags. Besides no one can blame me for taking one bunting camping to celebrate right? What about two? Three? Hopefully not because somehow I have ended up with four different buntings for the 4th of July this year and I love them all in different ways.

There is the trendy Pom-Pom Bunting that I just had to try! 

It is really kid friendly. My girls were begging me to let them create this one so I did. While I would have preferred to have space in between the pom-poms the girls wanted it tight, and so it is. Next time, along with putting space between each pom-pom, I would use dental floss instead of thread. Our two year-old terror broke the girls bunting at least twice before I could get to their rescue.

Then there is the simple, classic, but always perfect Triangle Bunting.

I went simple with this one and used bias tape. I really like how clean it looks and how fast it was to create.

And then I had to do something with all the scraps from the other 4th of July projects I have been doing so of course I needed to make a Fabric Scrap Bunting.

Lastly keeping the traditions of the 4th of July holiday in mind, I wanted to create a Semi-Circle Bunting using this great burlap that I found. This is the tutorial I am going to share with you today.
TUTORIAL: Creating a Semi-Circle Bunting

First you need to decide on the size you want your circles to be. I choose a large plate out of my cupboard (very scientific and exact, I know). Then using my niffty best-buddie, the Pilot Frixion Pen, I outlined the plate onto the fabric.

I am using burlap and it has a tendency to fray quite a bit. I want this Bunting to last for several years so what I have done is chosen to line each circle with muslin. To decrease the repetitive cutting I pined my burlap to the muslin before cutting.

Then I moved my pins around so that there would be a pin holding through the burlap and the muslin on the top and bottom of the circle.

Once I had my circles cut I simply serged around each circle. Seeing as it was ten o’clock at night when I was doing this, I cut my circles in half and then serged the last raw edge. Had it been earlier in the day I might have enough common sense to simply serge the circle in half and then serge the raw edge of the other half. That’s what I get though, for sewing after dark!

If you do not have a serger (I finally got one for Christmas this last year) you will need to cut each circle in half and then using a zig-zag stitch go over all the raw edges.

I wanted a thick ribbon to attach my Semi-Circles too and I found this beautiful wired hemp ribbon that not only had the same color palette but kept with the rustic feel I wanted for this project. Isn’t it pretty?!?

So I pined each Semi-Circle onto the ribbon just where I wanted it and then using a coordinating thread color (making it invisible) I used a straight stitch to attach it all together. It came our exactly as I hoped.

Then I was looking at my left over scraps and noticed that when I cut out all the circles I created little triangles at the same  time and so the spiral continues…. While we are on the topic of Buntings I want to tease you a bit with a cool project that we will begin at the end of August. Wanna take a guess at what it could be…it starts with a B and will end one year after it begins….


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