Wonders of Washi Tape: a mini-tutorial

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

I am spending my fourth on the beaches of Ventura, California this year and that means NO fireworks. Can you believe that!?! The kids cannot even play with sparklers. I guess that is one more benefit to living in the soggy (but beautiful) Pacific Northwest, we do not have to worry about our lawns catching fire because they have been parched by the summer sun. I have a quick mini-tutorial for you today; Wonders of Washi Tape. We needed a few little decorations for our picnic on the beach so I turned a plain white metal napkin holder festive and pumped up the volume on some treat boxes. Since my baby has now entered the world of real food, I have a surplus of those little plastic boxes that Gerber now uses for baby food. They are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Come back in a few weeks and you will be seeing them again. In the meantime, ENJOY your picnics, families, the fireworks, and this mini-tutorial.





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