DIY Flip Flops – Phat Quarters style

Hello Friends!  We hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July & are keeping cool!  We took a week off from the blog to enjoy some sunshine before it’s gone.  Can you believe we’re already halfway through summer?!  My kids are having fun, working away at our Summer Bucket List & we’re going through flip flops like crazy.  I guess the sunshine makes my kiddos grow like weeds!  My daughter, who is a few months away from turning two, just got her first pair of flip flops (or three pair – the girl loves shoes, what can I say?)  I live in flip flops 365 days of the year, so we won’t even get started on my flip flop collection.  I may live in the Pacific NW, but I’m a California girl at heart … I love my flip flops!

Just a few months ago, I picked up some new summer flip flops for my five year old & now his toes are already peeking over the edge.  Well, apparently he’s graduated in size from the flip flops that come with the elastic backs to the “big boy” flip flops.  Does anyone have a five year old?  Seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to design five year old flip flops with no elastic?  They’re nice & easy for him to put on by himself … so they come off all the time … while walking … and we’re usually in a hurry because I need a watch implanted directly into my wrist.  Ugh!  So this week, I’m showing you how to DIY your own elastic backed flip flops.  But first, Jen’s going to show us how to dress up our flip flops with a super cute re-fashion that she discovered!

Here’s what you need:

flip flops
fat quarter or fabric scrap
1/4″ elastic
duct tape


To begin, let’s fancy up these plain flip flops:  Cut a piece of duct tape the length of your flip flop from toe to heel.  
Apply the tape firmly to the flip flop base, cutting a slit to allow the tape to lay flat underneath the straps.
Apply a second piece of tape to cover the other half of the shoe.    

Trim the tape carefully from around your flip flop & repeat the duct tape for the other shoe.

Now, let’s add the elastic strap.  Start by measuring where the strap will go so that we can determine how long we need to cut our elastic & fabric piece.  We’ll need it long enough to go around each strap of the flip flop & fold over to sew in place, plus a little extra fabric length to bunch with the elastic.  

I determined that we need our elastic to be 4” long & the fabric to be 9” long.  So I cut two 2” x 9” fabric strips (wide enough to cover the elastic).  I folded them each lengthwise, right sides together & stitched with a ¼” seam allowance.   
Turn each fabric tube right side out & press.Measure in approximately 2” from each end & mark your fabric.  This is where we will be stitching down the elastic.   
Using a safety pin, insert the elastic into the tube, down to the first mark.   
Since the fabric tube is longer than my elastic, I used a tiny binder clip to hold the other end of the elastic & keep it from slipping into the tube where I can’t reach it.  
 Stitch the elastic down at the first mark & then stretch it to the other mark & stitch it down.  You will have a nice strip of fabric that is bunched in the middle but flat on the ends.  

We’ll finish the ends by turning over the edge about ¼”, then folding the flat end around the strap of the flip flop.   
I held the fabric in place with my fingers while I positioned the fabric & flip flop in my sewing machine.  Stitch in place & repeat for other end of your strap.   
Complete for the other shoe & you’re done!  My son likes the fun new print & the bright fabric strap on back & I like that he’s not losing his flip flops everywhere we walk 😉

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  1. I was just lamenting this same thing the other day! It never occurred to me that I could add the elastic myself. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Bethany! We were early back-to-school shopping at Office Max when my son spotted it. I have also seen it at Office Depot 🙂

  3. this is just genius! My son has been asking for flip flops and he's too little for them to stay on.. I've been looking for ones with straps, but I didn't think of making my own! thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesday party. You are being featured today in a summer fun round up. I would love for you to come on over and check it out. Feel free to spread the word of the round up on your favorite social media :o) Thanks!

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