DIY Bubbles…a Phat Friday with a twist

Today instead of our traditional fat quarter of fabric you are getting 18oz of home-made bubbles and 22 minutes of delight! My little ones were getting on my nerves this week because my two oldest got to go stay with their grandparents for a few days. I think they felt it was their right as the ‘ones left behind’ to torment me as I tried to unpack from our recent summer adventures. So in a effort to give them the attention they were craving I decided to play bubbles. Yet, I had none. This is one of the reasons that I love the internet and great blogs. I was quickly able to find recipes for DIY Bubbles. The following was the blue ribbon winner, simple, quick, and I had everything on hand.

1 Cup Water
2 Tablespoons Light Karo Syrup
4 Tablespoons Dish Soap
a drop or  two of Food Coloring
*to get 18oz you need to make 1 and a half batches

Here comes the magic, careful it gets tricky here…combined and mix. I did fine that using hot water will help the karo syrup dissolve faster and more completely


I used a small funnel and cup to transfer the bubble mixture into the empty bottle. Just two things to remember (1) If you have that tiny cap that sits inside your bottle rim just take it out and then replace it if you want to. (2) Pour slowly or you will have tinny bubbles all over your counter -although your kids should be laughing pretty hard as mine were!

I used white duct tape and sharpies to make a label, because it would be the end of the world if the kids used their siblings bubbles and not their own.. Another added bonus to using the empty BBQ sauce bottles, your bubbles smell like a lazy, warm summer night. Gotta love the BBQ sauce!

Now of course to actually create bubbles you need a wand. We had fun trying out different items around the house like the fly swatter and the potato masher. Strangely enough a simple pipe cleaner wrapped around itself to make a circle worked really well. Tomorrow I might try to connect two or three pipe cleaners to get a really big bubble.

My little man however still has a hard time blowing bubbles and not eating them, so I did get a bit creative with empty toilet paper rolls that I have in our art box.

I cut the tube in half and then taking one of the smaller tubes I poked tow small holes right below the rim. I took another pipe cleaner and poked one end through the hole leaving a small tail. I took the other end and followed the circle of the tube rim till I reached the second hole. I then pushed the pipe cleaner through the hole and continued around the rim until I reached the original hole. I twisted both ends together and ta-da,

Now my little man could blow from one end of the tube and create bubbles without inhaling them. It worked great for a while, but soon the tube absorbs so much of the bubbles that it begins to break apart. Lucky for me he was ready to move on anyway. Now go create some summer memories of your own!

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