Star Wars Birthday Party

The Force is strong in our house.  My husband is a big Star Wars fan, so it’s only natural that my son has followed happily in his footsteps.  When my Little Guy’s fifth birthday came around this summer, the number one requirement was that it must be all about Star Wars.  Let me just say, we had a blast getting our geek on.  Our hope was to create a fun atmosphere without a lot of fuss or money.  Here, I’m sharing a few of our fun ideas:


I love “Keep Calm” posters & decided to make my own.  This went up in our dining room, above the food table.

I found these fan decorations on clearance about a year ago.  The Star Wars image is from a box of fruit snacks (we shared with our party guests in their goodie bags).

Speaking of goodie bags, we made some galactic play dough.  It’s sparkly & smells like mint – I love it!  uh, oh yeah .. so do the kids 😉  I followed the tutorial from here.

The party activities centered around the light sabers that each party goer received.  Basically, I handed them out & they all went running around the house pretending to be Jedis, stopping occasionally for snacks.  The light sabers were made from pool noodles (thank you, Dollar store) & duct tape.  So easy!  There’s tons of different pins on Pinterest, but this is a great one.
It’s not a birthday party at our house without cake & usually that means cupcakes.  My son chose the colors for the cupcakes & frosting quite specifically:  green cupcakes with blue frosting that has black swirled in.  Ummm ok! .. at least the kid doesn’t keep me guessing!


My friends think I’m some cupcake rock star, but here’s my secret: I just use Wilton’s 1M tip for frosting cupcakes.  It goes so quickly & looks fabulous.  I put stripes of black frosting in the piping bag before adding the blue frosting & the swirls came out great.  For the picks, I found some Star Wars stickers at Target & glued them to squares of black card stock which were then hot-glued to wood food picks.

One treat that was a lot of fun to make as well as eat were Tie Fighters.  How cute are these?  The idea came from here & they use mini marshmallows with Oreos (from the little 100 calorie packs) “glued” to each end with melted chocolate (I used almond bark).  Our Tie Fighters are on the husky side because my son wanted to use some chocolate mint marshmallows that we found.  They were tasty & didn’t last long.
Luckily, Jen’s hubby is a geek too & had some great Star Wars space ships that we could borrow.  They were hung from our dining chandelier to appear as if they were flying over the food table.


The rest of the food was pretty simple:  mini pizzas, pretzels, veggie crisps, carrots & celery.  I found several posts on Pinterest for Yoda Soda, which is basically Sprite with lime sherbet.  While grocery shopping, I  came across sparkling limeade & mixed that into the Yoda Soda.  It was a hit with five year olds & Master Jedi’s alike.
One of my favorite parts of the party was the Star Wars pennant banner that I made.  While I picked up some fabric to make a pillowcase for my son for his birthday, I spotted a few fat quarters of Star Wars fabric & just couldn’t resist.  First a party decoration, then a room decoration!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for a tutorial to kick off our bunting series!
Here’s a fun fact about my guys:  they share a birthday!  This is my main Jedi using the Force.  I made both Birthday Boys matching Jedi robes, but somehow didn’t get a picture of them together (maybe at Halloween!).  One queen sheet from WalMart made both robes & they were each just over the moon (or moons, if you’re in Tatooine).  I followed the instructions outlined here.

I loved putting this together for my little guy.  He had so much fun.  My big guy enjoyed it too, & even had a few light saber battles with the kids.  I got into some of the fun with my own version of Princess Leia buns. 😉  My little guy’s face just lit up when he saw them, it was so cute!  I can’t believe he’s FIVE! He’s starting Kindergarten this year & couldn’t be more excited.  He’s a funny, busy boy & I’m grateful he’s mine! 🙂
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