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In my last post about my little guy’s 5th birthday party, you may have seen the pennant banner we made for his party décor.  It now hangs in his room & he is one happy little Jedi!  This bunting is perfect for a beginner & is all about the fabric! If you need some Star Wars fabric to make your own head over to our SHOP and check out our new Star Wars Fat Quarter Bundle or the bolt of Star Wars 3 Rebel Ships that is amazing!


Here are the supplies I used:
4 coordinating fat quarters
1 package of coordinating bias tape (or make your own)
A pinking rotary blade
Acrylic ruler, thread, sewing machine
Start by slicing your fabric into 7” x 8” rectangles.  I cut 8 rectangles from each print.  My prints were directional & I did some fussy cutting, but I still ended up with scraps for a future scrap quilt.

Lay 2 coordinating rectangles with WRONG sides together. 
Fold the layered fabric in half.  Align the edge of your acrylic ruler with the bottom left corner & the top right corner so that the ruler lies diagonally across the folded fabric.


This is where the pinking rotary blade comes in.  I LOVE this tool!  You’ll see the blade has ridges, just like a pair of pinking scissors – except your hand doesn’t get bruised & numb after cutting for a while.  (Not that that has ever happened to me.  Ever.  Nope – I have hands of steel …. Or was that Anakin? .. nevermind)  The pinked edge helps to keep the fabric from fraying.  It’s a much quicker finish than stitching, turning inside out, pressing & top-stitching. 
With your ruler aligned diagonally across the fabric, run your pinking blade along the edge to get a nice ridged cut.  Unfold & you will have a double-sided triangle.   Repeat for the remaining paired rectangles.


Stitch each triangle pair together approximately ¼” away from each pinked edge.  Don’t worry about stitching along the top since it will be concealed inside the bias tape.  I chain-stitched all my triangles, starting with the top right corner & stitching down to the point, then rotating the fabric & stitching up to the top left corner.
Now that all your triangles are stitched, arrange them in whatever order you desire & set aside.
I used a packaged ½” single fold bias tape for this bunting, but it would be fun to make your own too.  You’ll see in the picture that one edge is slightly shorter than the other.  I like to make sure the shorter edge is on the top when I’m sewing my bunting together.


Set your machine to a wide zig zag & stitch from the edge of the bias tape to approximately ½” from the opposite edge of the first triangle.  Leave your needle in the down position & lift the presser foot.  This gives you just enough space to tuck the next triangle into place right next to the first one.  Continue until all your triangles have been stitched to the bias tape & you have 7-8” of tie on each end. 

That’s it!  You’re done!  I hung ours from the ceiling between our family room & dining area.  Since the triangles are double-sided, it was a perfect view from either area.  Unfortunately, I live in a cave & the party pictures came out way too dark, but here it is hanging in my son’s room.  He LOVES it!


Thanks for joining me for our first of 52 Phat Buntings!  Gemia, Jen, Sheena & I are looking forward to sharing our creative takes on the popular bunting.  Please leave us a comment & tell us how you like to use buntings & what would you be interested in seeing from us!
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  1. So much fun! I love the look of the pinked edge, functional and cute! Quick question, do you get 2 triangle pennants out of each 8×7 rectangle or just one and scraps? Thanks, excited to see the next 51 🙂

  2. That's a great question, Amber! You get one double-sided triangle pennant from each set of 8×7 rectangles & then some triangle-shaped scraps. When I made a similar banner for my daughter's birthday, I used the scraps for yet another banner 🙂

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