Quick Tips for First Day of School Photos

Hi, world. I know that some of you have children back in school already, some of us are getting everything ready for that first day, and others are amazing (or crazy, which ever shoe fits) have the homeschool curriculum up and running. I am gearing up. There are a lot of little things that add up quick at the end of summer when you are trying to prepared for school. Today I’m going to share with you one of my little secrets for not forgetting one the most important parts of a new school year for me…the photos. I am a scrapbook alcoholic, my hubbie calls it my “Crap-booking habit,” but I have caught him turning endless pages of memories snuggle with a child on the couch, so don’t let him fool you! I love first day of school photos but trying to take the perfect ‘first day’ photo of each child on the first day, when they are anxious, our schedule is new, and I am trying not to cry (I always do!) is impossible! So here is my quick tip for the day; TAKE THE PHOTOS A WEEK BEFORE! I know that our kids grow so fast and ‘right before our eyes’ but they will not change in a week. So go today before school starts or or tomorrow after your child comes home from school and take the photos you really want! Here are a few suggestions for great shots.

Take the photos on site at the school. This will mean so much to your family down the road and there are many great backdrops you can find at a school.

Don’t forget to include the name of the school in your pictures. This is another one of those details that you will miss if you take your photos in the backyard.

Bring backpacks. I love how big my children’s backpacks are. As my oldest she walks into the third grade and glaces a quick smile back at me I am amazed that her head is now visible above the backpack that seemed to swallow her alive on her first day of preschool.

Don’t take individual shots only, include all the kids attending. This year is a milestone for our family because I will have my three girls in school, leaving me with my two little boys at home. I knew that I wanted to capture a picture or two that would help me write about this in my scrapbooks later. I am so glad I did because these are some of my favorite shots I got.

Bring snacks for EVERYONE and bribes can be very useful when done right! My little man was feeling a bit left out of photo shoot, so I took a moment to take a few quick photos of him, then gave him another snack and was able to finish up. And when my new Kindergartner was not so excited anymore a quick promise of an ice cream cone produce a few great pictures and another fun family moment when we were done.

Get creative and make some props! This can be so fun for you and you kids. They can be simple, like the Dollar Store chalkboard that I painted purple. Or a bit more involved like the ‘Back to School’ bunting that is in the background of my photos. **Teaser Alert**This is our bunting of the week so check back on Wednesday for full details on how you can make one using paper lunch sacks and a bit of creativity. After I finished taking the photos and was playing with them at home I thought ‘how cool would it have been to make the numbers of the grades each kids was going into. We held up fingers but next year I want the numbers on wooden sticks. That would be fun.

Last tip, if you don’t feel like you can take “good enough” pictures of your children, YOU ARE WRONG! YOU CAN DO IT! Just keep at it. Any picture is better than no pictures. Another fun way to dress a picture up is turn it to black and white. If you really can’t handle it find a friend who is willing to come help you or take a few shots. and remember it takes about an hour if you have multiple kids so be prepared. Now, go do it! Go capture some memories. And as always we would love to see what you have done.

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