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Hello again world. Instead of the Pre-School gitters my family has decided to get the Pre-School flu. I am beginning to think that this is more than a virus, but perhaps we will talk more about that on another day. Today we need to talk buntings! As you noticed from my last post on Back to School Photos I am preparing to send my three little girls to school this year. With this being said I wanted a Back to School bunting. I love school supplies so I decided that I wanted to make this bunting with paper lunch sacks to give it a funky feel. I LOVED the way the paper lunch sacks turned out! I used my bunting for my First Day of School Photos (which you can check out by clicking on it) and to decorate my wall. Unfortunately my combination of patterned fabrics do not photograph well, so the the bunting is a bit hard to read online. With that being said today I am going to show you how to take a paper lunch sack from blah to Amazing!


Paper Lunch Sacks
Craft Paint: I used Making Memories Scrapbook Paint in Spotlight
A Foam Brush
Foam Stamps: I used a set I got in an Ali Edwards kit years ago, I’m pretty sure it’s making memories too.
A Pencil

Okay lets get started. We need first to apply the paint to the stamp. Pretty easy, but a few tricks here; First, make sure that you prep your stamps, if you have never used them before, by giving them a quick little wash. Second tip is that you should put the paint onto your foam brush them apply it to the stamp. If you do it this way you will have better control over the amount of paint that is applied to the stamp and therefore you will get less paint overage when you use the actual stamp. This should ultimately give you a crisper stamped image.


Third tip is to create triangles when you are filling your canvas area. They do not need to be perfect triangles, go back to your geometry days and make all sorts.This will be visually pleasing to the eye as is tipย Four; work with odd numbers. I choose two separate star images to create this sack. I used the larger star five times and the smaller solid star nine times. I also prefer to start with my larger image and fill in the space with the smaller. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.

After you have covered your canvas (the paper lunch sack in this case) with your images you might want to distress the edges to get a funky-er look. I love this look and use it all the time. What you need to do is take your foam brush, DO NOT APPLY MORE PAINT, and gently but with pressure swipe it at an angle along the edges of your paper lunch sack. You can also swipe it across the surface of the sack to further distress it. Just remember less is more in this case, but you can always start over.

I decided to cut my triangle out of the lunch sack after my images were created, so now that you have a very cool looking paper lunch sack let’s turn it into a flag. Take a second sack and using one edge create a triangle at the top of your paper lunch sack. ***You will need the base of the lunch sack later when you actually create your bunting, so make sure you are cutting the part of the paper lunch sack that opens up!

Trace around the edges and then cut that triangle out. Now distress the new edges you created and you are done making a base for your own bunting.


You can make all the bases the same or play around with it like I did and make different bases. OR if you want to just make the bunting and you are not a huge painter you can purchase a set of 6 Paper Lunch Sack Bunting Bases that I made for you and put up in our shop.(Already gone, I’ll make more if life allows) I only made a few extra so you better hurry! You can use these for anything, I would love to see what you can create. Next week I am going to show you how we use the bottom of the paper lunch sacks to create the actual bunting, so follow our blog and like us on Facebook so that you do not miss out!


As always I am linking up to as many of these Phat Parties as life allows and we are challenging ourselves with the CSI contest here.


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  1. This is SO cool! I have many kraft lunch bags around. I've used them before as a party favor holder with a cute sticker, but these really make them COOL! Thank you for sharing! I'm pinning this one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks. My girls got in on the act too and made some for their new teachers this year. We are going to put some jam and sharpies in them. I am so so so, did I mention SO, excited for school to start!

  3. Thanks, every day "someone" feels better, it's the getting sick again part we need to stop. Makes me stay home though so a lot of crafts and chores have been completed. Always gotta look for the rainbow. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love this idea! I'm going to use lunch sacks to make a banner for my first ever craft party. I will have to let you know how it turns out. Great post!

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