Snack Attack

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Hello world. I have had a whirl-wind of a week again. Luckily no one was sick but I did still end up in the ER with my tiny one. Does it ever end!?! I wish I knew the answer to that, but at least I can see a light at the end of my road and I KNOW it is coming from the….SCHOOL BUS! Hooray, the bells are ringing, mommies are smiling, kids and dancing ’cause school Starts on Wednesday! One of the things I think about in relation to school and fall is apples. Who  can resist the sweet snap of delicious fall apples. None of us over at Phat Quarters can so when we came across these Amazing apple coasters over at Purl Bee (one of our favorites) we knew we had to try that. Using her fabulous template and our new Silhouette we decided to dabble into the world of felt to create our 4th bunting, which we ultimately named; Snack Attack.

We learned a few things about felt when attempted to use the Silhouette to cut out our template pieces first being; Lesson #1: You get what you pay for in the world of felt. We will confess we went for color not quality when we began this project and so we found the colored felt at a few local craft stores. It was only when we were working with our felt that we came to understand the depth of our mistakes. According to Wikipedia “Felt is a non-woven textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together.” This we knew, we also knew that “Felt can be made of natural fibers such as wool or synthetic fibers such as acrylic.” What we did not know was that the difference between the natural fibers, such as wool, and the synthetic fibers such as acrylic would make your irritable, cranky, and down right mad when the acrylic cut so poorly and looked less that desired in the final project.

Can you see the difference between the felts when they are held in the light and a shadow is streamed onto them? The wool felt is nice and thick and was lovely to touch. The acrylic felt while pretty, was very translucent and hard to work with when it came to cutting on the Silhouette. The acrylic also formed these tiny little balls of felt that I kept wanting to pick at. But if I picked at them I would create little tugs in the felt that looked just as bad. So lesson learned. Buy the good stuff! Etsy (while you are there please check out our shop Phat Quarters) is a great source for wool felt and we did find it at our local Craft Warehouse but their colors were limited.

Okay, our second lesson learned was that as much as we love our Silhouette (and trust me we do!) felt might not be the best thing to cut on it. Sometimes our acrylic felt would not stick to the mat and it would bunch up, which did not work. On the same account when you did cut it and then pulled the felt up your mat looked like a Chia-Pet but of the felted variety. Finally Leah found a helpful tip that we will now pass on to you. Freezer Paper. So here is Lesson #2: Use Freezer Paper when Cutting Felt on the Silhouette. What you need is Freezer Paper (getting a bit redundant yet?), your felt, and an iron. Simply cut the Freezer Paper about a 1/2″ shorter than your piece of felt. Then place your Freezer Paper SHINY-SIDE DOWN onto your felt. Now using your warm iron, press the two together. It is quick and simple and it makes a huge difference in the ability to (1) hand-cut a image, (2) cut an image using your Silhouette, and (3) keeping your Silhoutette Mat from looking like that felted Chia-Pet I talk about earlier.

Alright on to the actual bunting that took us crafters back-to-school ourselves. Do you remember our Paper Lunch Sacks Go Back-2-School Bunting? Well, if you don’t please hop over and take a peak cause it was a fun one. If you do, you will remember that I used paint to give my paper lunch sacks a makeover.

Well, shortly after that I made a new friend; who you will be pleased to meet as she guest posts on our blog this Saturday, so come back to say ‘Hi’ to her and WIN a fabulous GIVEAWAY! Anyway, my new friend Jenny runs a blog Lakeshore Stamping and runs a business with Stampin’ Up. I found this great little gift bag that she created with little craft bags that reminded me of my paper lunch sacks. We started chatting and I just had to have these little sacks. So I ordered some of the sacks, few other goodies and Jenny sent me a few extra surprises to play with, like the Calypso Coral Chevron Ribbon and these little Very Vintage Buttons that are to die for. Of course Leah and I got straight to work and used the Tag a Bag Gift Bags, butchers twine, Epic Day Washi-Tape and tags, along with our felt apples and created this beauty.

The hairs on my arms stand up when my kids walk straight through the door after school and rather than running into my arms so I can smoother them with kisses they trow their backpacks on the ground, yank their stinky shoes off their sweaty feet and exclaim, “I’m Hungry, what’s to eat?” Really? Yes, really. So hopefully this little bunting will smooth the transition from quiet peaceful house of three to quiet (only  because their is food in their mouths) house of six. Maybe I should make one more for my hubbie when he gets home from dinner?

I hope that you can learn from our mistakes and that you visit us again tomorrow so you can meet Jenny and enter our GIVEAWAY!

As always I will link up to as many of these Phat Parties that life allows…

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