Bunting #6: Falling in Fall

My family loves fall. Especially the leaf jumping! So, a Fall bunting was on the top of my list this year. With my Harvest bunting I used little hooks to fasten panel blocks onto twine. I wanted to do something different for this project and so I thought grommets might work well. They did! They were simple to apply and made thebunting easy to hang. Have you used grommets before? Here is how I did it.

Tutorial: Applying Grommets 101

Start by figuring out where you want to put your grommets. I wanted mine close to the edge of each corner. Using a FRIXION pen (which you can get in our shop) or a chalk pencil of some sort, draw a circle using the grommet as a guide.

Next cut the entire circle out with a sharp pointy pair of scissors. I would error on less rather than more just in case. Push the grommets with the spikes through the hole. Making it go through the top or front of your banner. Making sure the sharp edge is sticking out the back of your project. Now we are going to get ready to push these babies together!

Okay, now put the black base found in your grommet kit on the table first. Then let the top of your tall grommet sit inside the black base. Next add the back (or short grommet) into the hole from the back side. Finally, use the hammer stick tool to hold everything into place. You are almost done!

Using a hammer, give it a nice tap or two. Don’t hit too hard or you will bend all of your grommet pieces. Also, if you give it too soft of a tap, your pieces will not bend together correctly ans thus not hold your fabric/project.

You will know if you did your grommet correctly if it looks like this and if the fabric is nice and secure between your metal pieces.

Your grommet is now complete. I choose twine again to hang my banner, but ribbon would be pretty too! Now go hang your up master piece!

Where will you put your fall banner?

Hip,hip, hooray, it’s a beautiful fall day!


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