Bunting #7: The Button Bunting

Hello world. Today I want to share with you a super fast and easy bunting. Remember when I got that fun package from Jenny at Lakeshore Stamping? I sure do! Well these buttons were in that package and I knew as soon as I saw them that they would make an ever so sweet bunting for a tea party or to go across a photo. So go look through your button box and pull out a few dozen because you are going to love this tutorial!

Bunting #7: The Button Bunting

bakers twine
upholstery needle

First you are going to decide how long you want your bunting to be. Pull off your desired amount of twine and once you are happy with the length, fold it in half and and that much more. Adding this extra half of length will make up for the knots that you will be fastening, so that once your bunting  is complete it will be the original desired size.

Now tie a square-knot on one end of the bakers twine. Then thread your bakers twine through the needle. and simple lace the first button onto the twine from the wrong-side of the button and back through the button holes.

Once you have pushed the button all they way to your first knot, create a second knot on the working end of you twine. These knots will keep your buttons from wondering around. That’s it. You are just going to repeat these two steps (knot, thread, knot) until you fall in love with your bunting. You can pack it full or leave it simple, your choice. Super fun huh! Those are the best kind of project; simple, quick and awesome! I have plans to hang mine on a canvas for my girls room, but you will have to come back another day to see it finished! Thanks for stopping by today. As always I will link up to as many Phat Parties and life will allow.


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