Buntings, Fabric, & Bats – Oh, My!


We have been having fun with our dibbles in the world of buntings and banners lately. I have learned that I really like small mini-buntings! I think the look great across a mirror or on a wreath. I love how they look on the tops of cakes and stitched onto handmade cards. I LOVE them! I remember while growing up, that my mom always had holiday decorations up on a side table by the telephone (remember when those were attached to the wall and belonged to the whole family!?!). Any-who, the decorations would stay up all month. I have tried to carry on this tradition in my home. Lately I have been slacking because, well lets face it with 5 kids the oldest just 9 and the youngest almost 10 months- I am tired, out of time and money, and less than inspired to clean my home let alone decorate it. But, as Sheena has challenged us to create 52 Buntings in 1 Year, I have had a small spike in my enthusiasm. Today I tried to ride this spike and change out my “Days Until” shadow box that I have hanging in my front room. Until this afternoon it still had the countdown until ‘Baby Nolan’ was to be born. PEOPLE, I birthed him 10 months ago this coming Sunday.

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My goal when I put this shadow box up, was to get my family excited about ‘Finding Joy in the Journey,’ and so I wanted a binder of backdrops like birthdays, holidays, General Conference, back to school, summer…etc. Currently that binder has one background in it, ‘Baby Nolan’ and that factory is closed, so I won’t be needing that again. So, today I was set and determined to create a new page for ‘Halloween.’ Is this going somewhere you might be asking? Why, Yes- yes it is. Of course I used a bunting in it. And here is the best part…I cheated! And so should you. I know there are some of you who love to look at blog after blog about something you are good at or wish you could be good at. Well we are only here because we took the dive and tried to be better at ‘something’; so take advantage of such resources around you. LIKE US! We have fun Halloween decorations in our shop right now, like a spooktacular Wall Hanging, Table Runners, and festive Orange & Black Chevron Fabric.We also have Buntings, so BUY OUR BUNTINGS! We love making them, love custom orders (so feel free to request one) and love knowing they make you smile when you hang them in your house and claim them as your own! You could also BUY OUR KITS! Again we love creating things and if you love it too but do not know where to start or just like the creating but not so much the designing, take advantage of our kits and let us inspire you! Today I took advantage of Teresa Collins’ and her uber fun Halloween paper pack called Masquerade Party to create my ‘Halloween’ background for my”Day’s Until” shadow box. Here is how I cheated…

A Mini-Tutorial on How to Create a MINI-Bunting
12×12 Scrapbook Die-Cut Sheet of your choice I am using Teresa Collins’ Masquerade Party

Step 1: Using your finger, gently punch out each pennant from your die cut sheet.

Step 2: Using a sharp pair of scissors trim off those annoying, yet necessary, tear tags around the edges of each of your pennants. Then distress the edges. This is an optional step but I love how it looks! I used white ink for this project because I knew that I was putting my bunting on a dark background.

Step 3: Assemble your bunting. Really it’s that easy! Here is how I assembled mine. I am essentially making a scrapbook layout so I needed to figure out where I wanted my bunting to go on my page first.

Next I put a small amount of double-sided tape on the MIDDLE of each pennant and adhered it onto my page.

Then, because I wanted my page to have a 3-D effect, I curled the bottom edges of each pennant to varying degrees. Simply,use a pencil and wrap the bottom edges of each pennant up onto the curve of the pencil. Ta-Da, now your bunting looks like it is blowing in the wind.

Ta-Da, now your bunting looks like it is blowing in the wind.

Now I used my sewing machine to give the bunting the effect of being assembled with strings, so I stitched three lines across the tops of the pennants.

Now I have the 3-D mini-bunting on a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper. I added a another die cut piece, a chevron moon that I applied some glow in the dark paint to (just cause I had it in my stash), a white picket fence that I created from a now empty pennant on the die-cut sheet, and a black glitter cat for some needed ‘bling’. I put the whole sheet behind the glass and accomplished my goal!

Now on to more decorating, like finding a home for all 13 of the pumpkins that came from our garden this year (and no, my kids are not part of that count).

Happy Fall  from Me & My Pumpkins!


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