a Halloween Challenge…x4

We thought that it would be fun to spice things up a bit for Bunting #9 and so instead of one bunting this week you get FOUR! So here is the fun part we challenged each other to create a Halloween inspired bunting in one week using whatever we had in our crafting stash and the following items; a fat quarter of Black Chevron Fabric, plastic spider rings, Dritz Button Covers, and book pages. I can’t speak for everyone else but I had a blast trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Here are the results…

We did not work together on these buntings and so it was so much fun to see what we each had created when the pictures were due. You really should gather a group of friends and try something like this, it was a blast and we are already planning on doing it again! Now we are going to take you on a mini-tour of each bunting using the plastic spider rings as our guide.

In the first bunting which we have dubbed ‘Witches Brew’ the spiders dangle from hemp threads in-between each pennant. Every time I see this I think of Charlotte’s Web when all her babies are leaving the barn on the spring breeze.

On the bunting ‘Trick or Treat’ each of the spider rings were used to secure the paper fans of the overlay bunting. The two separate buntings that make up the finial project add great depth to this haunting creation.

Hot glue attached the spider rings to mason jar lids on the playful “Spooky” bunting. We just love the bright pop of color and the bulkiness of this playful bunting.

In our fourth bunting, “Halloween Patchwork” the spider rings were hot glued to push pins. Then these little spider push pins were used to anchor the bunting to the wall. I love that there is now an actual use for  spiders in the house!

Can you guess who belongs to each bunting? Give it a shot and make your predictions in the comments and come back next week to find out if you are right. In the mean time here is a round-up of other my favorite Halloween buntings spooking the boards of Pinterest right now. Add your Halloween bunting to my list by linking up your blog post or images in the comments and we will come visit you!

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