How do you do Candy?

This seems to be one of the big mom issues every Halloween. Let me just start this post with I am not judging anyone! One of the things that I have learned in life is that what works for me and my family does not always work for another family. I am not a huge candy person, but with that being said my kids really like it. My husband and I did raid their pillowcases last night after they had gone to bed and took some of our favorites (remember I didn’t judge you…), but we eat it within a few days and then don’t really see candy again till Santa fills our stockings. Our kids however, if left to their own devises, plunge their heads into their pillowcases and eat one delicious little piece, after another, until they become sick. So to prevent this childhood reality we have introduce “BOO-Jars.”
Here is how OUR system works… After returning from a Halloween event or the big night, my kids are allowed to devour two treats as I pull out each child’s BOO-Jar and the Junk-it-Bucket. While they are chewing their sweets and licking their chocolate coated fingers, they begin to sort through the rest of the candy.
My older girls make piles of Reeses Peanut Butter cups, Milky Way bars, Tootsie Rolls, M&M’s and so forth, while the younger ones just get straight to the business at hand and make a keep pile and a junk pile. All the candy they do not want, know as the ‘Junk’ goes into the Junk-It-Bucket. Once their initial sorting has taken place they again go through their treats this time placing their favorites into their BOO-Jar. What does not fit, must go! Its that simple.
I LOVE this method because it makes my kids think about what is really ‘worth’ it. It’s funny too, now that they are older they try to reconfigure how they stuffed their jar if all their favorites do not fit. We are lucky enough to have a dental studio near us who will buy the kids candy back by the pound. They trade coins for the candy, which they then send over seas to Service men and women. So, the question remains; How do you, and your family, do Candy? We would love to hear what works for you, because as you know, what works one day does not always work the next!
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