Lucky in Love – Queen of Hearts Bunting

I consider myself lucky in love.  I pretty much have the most awesome husband ever… but I’ll spare you for now & save the gushing over him for another post  … most of it anyway.

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this year on January 13th.  And yes, we DID get married on Friday the 13th.  I’m lucky, I tell ya!  This year, my awesome hubby surprised me with a trip to Vegas.  I had never been & it was such a nice getaway with just the two of us.  We went to a couple shows & enjoyed yummy food and walked about 30 miles total in 3 days.  THIRTY MILES.  Boy, I am so glad I wore my tennies!  Seriously though, it was such a great trip & it even inspired my next bunting!


Yep, the holidays are over, bazaars have quieted down (the children haven’t quieted down, but oh well), so we’re getting back on the bandwagon & kick-starting our bunting posts again!
This is a super simple bunting & I’ve seen many different versions online.  I pulled all the heart cards from a deck of card & punched two holes near the top of each one.  Then, I strung them in random order on a length of ribbon with spaces in between.  I didn’t realize how much ribbon I owned until I pulled out all my red & black ribbon just for this project.  Needless to say, there’s a good variety!  I snipped ribbon in 4”-6” lengths & tied several in between each card & on the ends. 


It was a quick project & would be great to do with older kids.  Jen & I each made one to spruce up a little Valentine vignette in each of our homes.  Jen found a great spot over a mirror.  It shows off the backs of the cards which are red.
{the grey Northwest days sure make indoor pictures a challenge!} 


 I am in love with this red tray I discovered in the clearance section at a local home décor store.  It has a metallic sheen to it & the white quote just pops.  I cut the quote in vinyl with my Silhouette (you can find the quote in the Silhouette store).  I was lucky & found another red tray just like it at another store, so I had to make one for Jen too.
Here’s my display, on top of an armoire in our front room.  I don’t have a fireplace, so this is my pretend mantel. 🙂
 This felt wreath is something I made a few years ago & it has held up beautifully.  Though it took forever to make, (I think I cut about a million & a half felt circles) it’s one of my favorite decorations.


We have two more Valentine buntings to share with you before the big day & we’re also celebrating our birthday in February!  That’s right; Phat Quarters is one year old this month!  We’re really excited to celebrate with you, so be sure you’re following our blog posts.  We’d also love to keep in touch with you all on Facebook!
In the meantime, be sure to check in at our Etsy shop.  We’re featuring some fresh fabric bundles, including CHEVRON & adding new items each week! Thanks! 🙂
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