Love is…

everyday and everywhere. I want to share with you a few bits of wonder that touch my heart every Valentines Day to remind me what Love is.

LOVE IS ETERNAL. Love does and should not stop with Valentines Day. Tell your family, your sweetheart, and the little old man whittling wood on a park bench that you love them. You never know when your chance to say it out loud will be gone. Valentine’s to my family is bitter sweet, because our dear niece was born on February 13 and died almost 24 hours later on Valentine’s Day. But that year I felt the most glorious and perfect love I have ever felt in my entire life. (You can read her story here, but be warned you might shed a tear or two). Every year our family releases pink balloons for Candace. My kids write her little love notes and we let the balloons take our love to her in Heaven. For me, because we remember her she is loved.

LOVE IS FAMILY. Mothers, Fathers, dear Aunts and crazy Uncles. Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, brothers and sisters and dear friends who become your family. As much as my children drive me crazy, as many extra pounds they have added to my body, and hours of sleep they have taken from my night to comfort their fears; I LOVE THEM.

LOVE IS LIFE. Do you ever just sit and think about life? When I get that chance to lock myself in the bathroom so I can do my thing on my own, I do. It is then that I realize I feel loved when I live my life. Candace lived just short of twenty-four hours but every hour, minute and second was filled with love! That sweet baby received a lifetime of love in those 24 hours because we chose to live her life. Every moment of life is a blessing and I should enjoy the ride. The hills with the amazing views, the swamps that stink, and the straight and narrow path that seems to drag on forever. I am trying to LOVE IT ALL.

LOVE IS GOD. Sorry if you don’t believe in Him but I do and I know he believes in me! I feel His love everyday. “Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, God love us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God’s love encompasses us completely.” President Dieter F. Uchdorf

   **PS you can find the REALLY COOL and free printable of this quote at It’s Always Autumn or here


LOVE IS AN ACTION not just a word. Use it! When I think about what my sister-in-law did for Candace, of how she carried her nine months knowing she would only get to hold her for a few fleeting moments, my heart throbs. Love is not found in flowers, or written on a card. Love is found in service, in a hug, in countless hours teaching a child to read, in changing diapers, and holding hands when you are tired and want to let go. No matter what Valentines Day means to you, no matter if it makes you happy or sad, it is only one day out of your year. Use love every day of every year. Find love everywhere you go and allow yourself and others to love you!

Happy Valentines Day 
from the girls at Phat Quarters.

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