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Last week I tested a new pattern from Jessica at Gracious Threads, the Starfish Shorts. I made 9 pairs of these shorts and that means I made 18 pockets. Through this process I discovered that I have a thing with pockets. I guess you can say that I am a pocket snob, sorry, but I am. I think that a pocket like a necklace is the statement piece. It says so much about your personality! With five kids in my house we have TONS of personality! Today I am going to tell you about my Ellie. She is tender-hearted, needy, a bit too smart, a little sassy, and has a dash of pretty princess mixed in. She turned six this week and has these eyes that will knock-your-socks-off! I wanted her pocket to be big, a bit flashy and girly, but still under control. So I thought I would try to create a bow. I am so happy with how it turned out. If you have a little princess in your life you might want to give this tutorial a try!


Supplies for 1 Pocket
* 2 rectangles (for this pattern the measurement was 4.75 x 6)
* 1 large rectangle of coordinating fabric measuring (3 x 6)
* 1 small rectangle of coordinating fabric measuring (2 x 3)
* hand needle and thread

Step One – The Bow
Press the long edge on the top of the large rectangle at 1/8″, then press a second time at 1/8″ again. Top-stitch the tiny hem and repeat with the other long edge of your rectangle. There are many ways to gather fabric! This bow is so small that I am simply going to stitch three lines down the center of my bow. The TRICK is I hold onto the thread itself as it leaves the spool. Hold the thread firmly in your fingers creating tension in the thread. This will gather your fabric without changing any settings on your machine. Start with the middle line then run a second line on each side of it. Set your bow aside for a moment.

Step Two – The Tie & Assembly
Gently fold the small rectangle right sides together creating a tube. Stitch the long edge leaving the ends open. Turn the tube right side out and press the tube (to see pictures of this process click here and read our I-Spy Bag tutorial) Next top-stitch down both long edges. Then take your Tie piece and wrap it around the center of the Bow piece, covering the three gather stitches. Hold the ends of the tie together and using a zig-zag stitch, secure each end to each other. This does not have to be pretty, it will not be seen.

Step Four – Attachment
Pin the edges of the bow to each side of the top Pocket piece. I left a bit of over just for security. Then press the poofy part of your bow toward the center and secure it with another pin. Sandwich the second Pocket piece on top of the Bow with the right sides together. Stitch around three edges leaving the top of the pocket open for turning.



Step Five – Finishing Touches

Turn your pocket right side out, remove pins, and press the top seams. Top-stitch the TOP seam of the pocket. Now take your good old needle and thread and secure the center of the bow to your pocket.


Pin your new pocket onto your shorts (or pants, or skirt, bag…etc) and top-stitch the around the perimeter of pocket leaving the top un-stitched. You will have to slowly stitch and move your bow around so you are not stitching the bow down as well. You now have a Pocket Bow and I have a very happy Birthday girl!

I have something crusty on my pocket today; I think I sat in some of the oatmeal I made my kids for breakfast, that should give you an indication about what my pocket says about me!  My question to you is that if your pocket is a statement peice, what does your it say about you today? Let me know in the comments and then come visit us on our Facebook page for you chance to enter in our Phat Friday Giveaway! You have till Sunday night to enter. See you there!

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