The Athena Dress – a Review

What one daughter gets the other wants too! Isn’t it funny how that works. When I test new patterns I try and make sure that I spread the love; the last dress that I tested was The Katie Dress, and it was for my 7 year old. So when I had the opportunity to test The Athena Dress and I saw how I could create a more ‘grown-up’ elegant feel I knew it would be perfect for my almost pre-teen lady, who is 10 going on 14; anyone else have one of these? I could not have been more right!

I enjoyed this pattern for many reasons but the first one I want to share is the process of creating the casing for the neck line. If you have been around here you know that I enjoy a good constrast in my projects and the casing on this dress provided the perfect oportunity to pair this heavenly green Peacock Feather print in Andovers Victorian Modern line with a pink chevron print Michael Millers Glitz line. The pink of the chevron pulled out the pink highlights in the centers of the peacock feathers and I could not be happier with how that turned out.

I also feel that the guidance given in the pattern allowed me to create a dress with clean finishes. This is a priority for me because when I make clothing items I know they have to ‘survive’ more than one child. I serge all my raw edges but this pattern directed me to create my own binding for the armscye (ha, ha – this is my new fancy word meaning armhole, sounds so much cooler huh!?!). I think that the little finishing touches like this, can really elevate your garmet or project.

This pattern by Ori Quintana also allowed me to choose different variations and options. For instance the pattern actually comes with a sash for the waist, but I choose not to use it this time and to leave the elastic gathering plain. I did this because I wanted a more grown-up elegant feel for my daughter and I felt like the waist band detracted from that. I also decided against making my own piping for the neck tie. I choose to use oversided satin ribbon to heighten that elegant look I was trying to acheive.


The last thing I would like to say about this pattern is that normally I would never buy a pattern like this. You see my family beleives that our bodies are sacred and we hold to conservative notions of modest apparel. So this dress being sleeve-less would have never been on my radar. And while I did take these photos of the dress as designed for the designer I was working with, my daughter will not be wearing this dress without an undershirt or a cami. That being said, when the undershirt was put on and the perfect cami found, I was still in love with the dress! I think that a lot of sleeveless dress do not work well with undershirts or the addition of a cami hides delightful details. NOTHING about this dress was diminished by the addition of either. The lace cami that we had made my daughter feel and look like a modern day victorian little lady, with class, elegance, and a whole bunch of style!
The Athena Dress Pattern will be avaible at Wid Lily and Lace and Etsy.  And of course you can find fabric in our shop Phat Quarters, Please take a moment and comment on what kind of patterns you are looking for because I need some new patterns to test and would love to hear which patterns you want to know about. Also jump over to facebook,, and like our page so that you can get the latest on our products and adventures! See you there.
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