Sugar & Spice Dress and Top Review

The Sugar & Spice Dress and Top is a fun pattern produced by Amy Hindman, of Peek-a-Boo Patterns.

When I was growing up I was a Mariner Scout (part of the Girl Scouting organization) and our Troop was called Blue Madonna (which is a whole different story). Our colors were Blue and Orange. I spent 4 long amazing years wearing blue and orange and this color combination will forever be a part of me! Now I live in the Pacific Northwest and while the ocean is not as close as I would like, our rivers are amazing! In a ode to Portland Oregon, Violet Craft designed a line of fabrics for Michael Miller called An Introduction to Waterfront Park. When I saw the Navy Bridgetown fabric I was in LOVE and just had to have it!

We have a Navy Chevron cotton print in our shop that pairs so beautifully with the Bridgetown fabric that it was a no brain-er to pair them. When thinking about a color to tie it all together I decided to go back to my Blue Madonna roots! I found this awesome coral-orange pipping it was just the pop of color that I needed.

Now that I chose the fabric it was time to turn to the pattern. The pattern pieces were a breeze to put together and the shirt came together rather quickly. Amy’s pattern had directions that were clear & understandable. I am a very visual learner and so I enjoyed that Amy drew stitch lines in the photos depicting each step. This was very helpful when it came time to construct the bodice. Amy even took the time to teach me a new technique which gave me the clean, sharp corners in the square bodice that I wanted.

I loved the option of adding the pipping to the panels. It gave the completed shirt a very modern and clean look. I think it also elevated the shirt, giving it a more finished look.

I think that a mark of a good pattern is one that you can make your own. I loved that fact that shirt looks fantastic with a sweet little flora like Heather’s of Becker Hill Boutique, a modern geometric like Sarah’s from The Crazy Tailor and a solid like Kelly’s, over at Handmade Boy.┬áIs it not stunning in it’s simplicity! I decided to have my top bodice and the front panel be the same fabric and use the chevron only for the sides and back panels. I think too much more of the chevron would have driven me cross-eyed. I love this top and of course we had to take a family car ride down the road to the river for some really fun photo opportunities!

You should most definitely, click your way over to the Peek-a-Boo Shop on Etsy and grab this pattern before summer ends!

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