E&M Shirt No.6 Review

Allison at E+M Patterns has created a closet staple with her newest pattern, Shirt No.6! You can get yours at her SHOP for the debut price of $5 until Midnight (PST) on Friday July 25th. After that it will be available for $8, still a great deal for an awesome shirt! Thanks to Allison, you can also enter to WIN a pattern at the end of this post! Whoot-Whoot!!

So I must admit, this was my first real knit project outside of a few maternity skirts that I made for myself a few years ago. I LOVE knits. There are so many different weaves and styles. I love how soft a feather weight jersey dress can be in the summer breeze, how vibrant the colors are on a simple tee-shirt knit, the comforting weight of an interlock knit shall on my shoulders on a cold winter morning. I love jersey, BUT I am scared to death to sew with it. My ever growing belly hid the many mistakes in the maternity skirts that I made and my scarfs are to simple to truly be called masterpieces. So I was so excited when I stumbled across the tester call for E&M Patterns and jersey shirt.

While I do not feel I can yet claim victory over my fear of jersey projects, I can definitely report that this was much easier than I feared! I must say that in part I think it was all the little tips and feedback that I got from Allison at E&M Patterns during the process. It is funny how you think that something is ‘so, not doable’ until you can see and read exactly how it all works. I must have tried to bind this adorable key-hole on the back neck piece about 5 times. Then I discovered the joy of stay-tape, yahoo!

I ended up making two of these shirts using different types of fabric for each. I started off with a great neon-pink polka-dot feather-weight jersey that screamed pre-teen and 80’s flashbacks. But when I started to make my shirt I realized it also screamed ‘see-through’….whoops. So I jumped in my car and ran over to Walmart and picked up an XL neon pink tee-shirt from the crafting section for $2.50. Then I came home and cut that bad-boy into pieces, pattern pieces that is. I still wanted to use the neon pink polka-dots so I used it as an over-lay on the front of the shirt and alone for the flutter sleeves.

I choose the Hi/Low hem option and created with the actual hemming by using the hem of the shirt. I think when I do the next one using and overlay I will not attach the overlay to the bottom hem as I did this time, but rather hem it alone so it will flow better. Yet, I am super happy with this shirt. My Ansley is in-love with it says it makes her feel special. There is not much better than that!

With my second attempt I used a heavier jersey, that had yet more neon-colors in really fun patterns with in the little pin-stripes. It is so bright and fun! I love flutter sleeves for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that for my family we always wear sleeves and in the summer my girls have a tendency to feel burdened by them. A great little flutter sleeve covers enough of the shoulder and yet is light and breezy for hot summer days. A win-win for my family.

With all the options that this pattern has, from a Hi/Low Hem Shirt to a fun little dress, with sleeves or without; this is definitely a pattern that I will be coming back to time and time again! So click on over to E&M Patterns on Etsy and grab your own.



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  1. You need a 'pin it' button on your site. I do everything internet on my phone, but I can't pin things unless it has a button because I don't have an ithing.

  2. The last thing I made was a skirt for my daughter – pity she doesn't really love it! Onto the next project…
    Claire Lewis

  3. What a great review! I haven't made any breakfast or lunch either lately so those don't count either :-). Last thing I made was dresses for my little girl!

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