Elastic to the Rescue!

One of the things that my family enjoys in the summer is swimming in the pool! My mother and father in-law have a great pool that is warm, clean, and always crowded with family and friends. My in-laws have a bucket filled with old-school snorkeling goggles for the kids to use when swimming. But after a long summer of swimming with 15 grandkids, it is rare to find a pair of goggles that are not on the brink of destruction!

And so it was the other day when we had our official last family swim party of the summer. My 7 year old lady pulled on her goggles and the plastic band that secures it, snapped. This resulted in pure devastation for her. The “WHOLE SUMMER” was ruined! Ahhh what is a mother to do?

Refer to the ┬ámatriarch of the family of course. And Grandma to the rescue it was! She ran into her sewing room and came out with a scrap piece of banded elastic. Off came the sun-dried broken plastic band and on went the elastic; the “WHOLE SUMMER” was saved by grandma’s ingenuity and elastic!


The elastic worked wonderfully! I was worried about it pulling out of the clasps but once it was wet it swelled up and never budged. It was supper stretchy which made it easy to swap between the kids with out having to adjust it and it was much cheaper than running out to the store to find yet another pair of goggles.

Does your sewing room ever come to your rescue? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below. Enjoy the last days of summer!


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