Back to School Clothes, Patterns, and Fabric

I spent a bunch of time this summer playing with my kids but I also spent some time testing patterns and thus creating a great collection of Back to School clothes! It was so much fun to work with so many great designers and to continue to develop my skills. Today I want to share with you my collection so far; yes I have one or two more in the works. I will link the pictures to the patterns which they came from and the fabric that I used. Please take a minute to check a few out and tell me which ones are your favorites.

So many people say that it is easier and cheaper to just go buy your clothes. Well, it might be, but let me take a minute to tell you why I like to sew clothes for my kids.


(1) I like to be in control of what my kids are wearing and what those clothes say about our family. Sound rude? Sorry, but I really feel like clothing choices say a lot about your style and who you are. I want my kids to be just that, kids! They are just beginning to figure out what style is and how to create it for themselves, but while they will still give me control I will take it.
(2) I need my clothes to last! While it might be ‘cheaper’ to go over to a department store and just pick something out (and trust me we do this), I know what I am paying for. The clothes I make are durable. I need them to be, because they need to survive through more than one child and more than one summer. I am not going to make every shirt, dress, and pair of undies that my children wear, but the items I make, survive.
(3) Making my own clothes also teaches me how to repair and mend store bought clothes so that I can use them for more than one summer. I am a use it until the wheels pop off and the engine falls out kinda girl. If I can fix it you better be sure that I will and the skill of sewing and mending is a great skill to have!
(4) It’s fun! It keeps me thinking and learning new things. It makes me prioritize my time and guess what, I ENJOY IT!
Frolicking Forest – Blue Fox by Camelot Fabrics

(5) I LOVE FABRIC and color and mixing & matching textures. Sewing clothes gives me a very particle and necessary reason to use fabric, which means I have an excuse to buy fabric; Yes, I know this is woman’s logic, but when it works it works.

If you want to more about these patterns before you buy them check out or Phat Reviews. But I will say right here and now, that all of these patterns are fantastic! The designers are amazing and of course the fabrics come from this great little shop, called Phat Quarters, that I would highly recommend and they happen to be running a Back 2 School Sale right now!

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  1. Those all turned out so great! I'm going to have to check out a few too! Thanks for including mine Gemia! I love that added bow and the fabric is to die for!

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