DIY Fabric Shoe Charms

My oldest daughter just celebrated her birthday. That means that officially 10 years ago I pulled out my grandmothers old sewing machine and decided to make a simple blanket for my first sweet baby. Now I make all sorts of things for all my sweet babies and so I have tons of scraps laying around in buckets. Today I am going to share with you a scrap busting idea that I had when my daughters and I went shopping the other day for birthday presents. The girls saw, at a popular accessory chain store these little charms that they could string onto their shoes laces. They of course wanted to buy them all! But at $7.99 a piece and with 10 little feet in my house-hold, I about laughed in their faces. “We can make those for less!” I said. My oldest two rolled their eyes; this response was not a surprise to them. The surprise came when I actually followed through on my crafting promise and invited them to help. Here is our NO-sew, kid friendly way to make fun and funky shoe charms.

Scrap fabric with a small object print like Frolicking Forest Blue Fox
Cordinating scrap fabric of any kind of print
Phoomph (avaible in out shop)
Fabric scissors
Paper scissors
a Crop-A-Dile
Scotch Guard
a pair of Sneakers with laces (remove laces)

First in case you are not familar with phoomph, let me fill you in on it. Phoomph is a fabric bonding sheet. It has an adhesive coating on BOTH sides and a core (there are different colors) that adds stability and thickness to your fabric. It is really simple to use, but it does junk-up your scissors so you will want to clean your scissor blades when you have finished working with the phoomph. For a fun video and another project that you can create with the phoomph click here. Now that we know what we are working with let’s get started.

The first thing that you need to do is using your fabric scissors cut out your fabric object leaving a nice boarder of fabric.

Now simply peel up the paper lining on one side of the phoomph and press your fabric onto the adhesive. Gently rub out any little air bubbles that might form.

Next take your cordinating fabric and repeat this process placing the fabric on the back of your object print.

Now using sharp scissors (I would suggest using paper or project scissors NOT your fabric scissors) cut a closer boarder around your object. **NOTE: Before you cut think about where you want to make the shoelace holes. They need to be away from the edges so that it will not tare out, but you might not want to cover up too much of your image with the holes or the actual shoe lace. This placement will change depending on what your object is.

Next, take your Crop-A-Dile and using the the hole punch that fits your laces (on my Crop-A-Dile it was the larger of the two options) punch two holes for the shoe lace to go through. I made my holes on the glasses right across the bridge of the nose so it would look like the tape that we used to wrap around the frames (did I just date myself?!?). You porbably will need to use your sissors to cut off the circle that you punched out and clean up those little threads too.

Now, you need to protect your shoe charm. I choose to use Scotch Guard and simply sprayed it on and then let the charms dry. I might try Mod-Podge tomorrow; I will let you know how that compares.

After your charms are dry simply string the laces through the holes and tie up you shoes.

We had so much fun making these. They were simple enough that my girls could cut the fabric themselves (I did cut the phoomph because it was a bit thick for them to work with) and my little boys had enough fun picking out the fabrics that they were equally happy. This is also a great way to use up those scraps that you can’t bear to part with. I don’t expect these to last forever but I was able to get about 25 charms from one piece of phoomph and that is a much better price for a rainy day craft and 10 happy shoes!

Have fun crafting and show us what you create over on our facebook page and be sure to visit our shop Phat Quarters on Etsy for phoomph, fabric, ribbons and more!


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