Ghost Buntings

As I was working on pulling out letters from a sheet of fabric that I ran through the Cameo to spell ‘Trick or Treat’ for a Halloween bunting I saw something on my table that inspired me. Can you see it?

The insides of the letters, aka all the scraps, looked like little eyeballs staring at me! This year we introduced our children to ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ and they are loving it! How fun would it be to turn these scraps into little ghost eyes?! That is how the letter scraps turned into this;

Ghost Bunting Supplies
Black Fabric (scraps)
Iron on Fabric Adhesive (I like Heat & Bond)
White Muslin (scraps)
White Double-fold Bias Tape (1/2 a package or a length of your desire)
White Pom-Pom Fringe (1 contentious scrap)
Now first off I used the inner scraps of previously cut letters, but you don’t need to do this, all you need to do is apply the Heat&Bond to your Black fabric scraps. To see a tutorial on how to do this click over to this Pillow Tutorial. Once you have the Heat&Bond attached to the fabric you need to draw and cut out the eye shapes. If you leave the paper backing on the Heat&Bond you can draw your eyes on the paper and then cut them out. Next you need to make the ghost shapes and cut them out of the Muslin fabric. You will need to cut 2 of each ghost, a front and a back.
Now you are going to attach a set of eyes to one ghost piece. Take one set of eyes and peel the paper off then place the eyes onto your ghost, with the Heat&Bond side in-between your two pieces of fabric. Once you are happy with the placement, use your iron to adhere the eyes to the ghost by gently pressing on the top of the eyes with the iron. Repeat this process for each set of eyes.

Now layout your bunting so you can decide on the ghost placement and set the Ghost on top of your pom-Pom Fringe.

Now this was my Hubbies favorite part and he made me promise to include him & his ‘brilliant mind’ in the tutorial; so the next step is to “castrate the balls” (his words not mine) of your Pom-Pom fringe. They never grow up do they!?! You are going to simply snip off the pom-poms that are being covered by your Ghost shape.

Now you will layer the pieces so we will start with the Bias Tape. Mark the center of your Bias Tape with a pin or a pen mark and then lay it down with the RIGHT side facing you. Next mark the center of your Pom-Pom Fringe and place that on the center mark of your Bias Tape. Now place your Ghost BACKS under both of these layers in the spots where you have trimmed off the Pom-Poms and then pin them all together.

Now we are going to sew. Using a wide zig-zag, stitch all three layers together for each ghost ONLY. You need to back stitch on each side of the ghost and cut your threads. You do not stitch the length in-between each ghost yet. I would suggest using a narrow foot for this project, it makes it easier to work with the Pom-Pom Fringe.
After each ghost is stitched onto the Bias Tape and Fringe you will want to start at the end side of the Bias Tape and run a long Straight stitch from one end to the other. This will close the Bias Tape and attach the Pom-Pom Fringe to the Bias Tape in the sections that do not have a ghost. When you come to beginning of the Pom-Pom Fringe trim off the last pom-pom and fold the fringe to the inside. Then continue to stitch, forward and backward over this fold before continuing on. Repeat this when you get to the end of the Fringe as well.

Now add the front ghost pieces. First match and pin the Front Ghost pieces to the the Back Pieces.

Then simply straight stitch the Front Ghost piece to the Back Ghost Piece. Repeat this for all your Ghosts and you are done!
Find a fun place to hang your ghost and enjoy the rest of you day. Thanks for reading along. If you make a Ghost Bunting we would love to see it! Just attach a link in the comments below or post a picture to our Facebook Page.

I will be linking this tutorial up on some of our favorite Linky Parties so come join the fun!


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