A New Handmade Pledge

Have you ever had the desire to make someone a really fabulous present? Maybe a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or another special occasion? Where do you start? A crafting book or magazine? Do you blog hop and search gifts? Do you get on Pinterest? I do all of these. I think about the person, the event, their hobbies; and then I might spend hours looking for tutorials on blogs, creating multiple searches on Pinterest for the perfect gift, following links, searching Etsy shops.

Once I find something I try and figure out the process of creation. Was is simple? Do I have the supplies and tools on hand? How much money will it cost? All of these things have their place in my process. This is exactly what I was doing when I ran across this image while searching for ‘special occasion word art.’
It was a link to an Etsy shop called Randys Desgins. Of course I then spent an additional time checking out their shop and falling in love with multiple prints that are available. In the end I figured that I could make the print I wanted on my own. I have a silhouette machine to cut vinyl, I have crafting paint, I could find a canvas. I could DIY-it. I could even write a tutorial on how I did it. The plan was set. I went to bed.

As I was reflecting on my day I tried to understand why my little Etsy shop was not doing as well as I would like. That’s when I hit me. How can I expect others to support my particular set of talents and skills when I would not support theirs? Yes, I could DIY this amazing print and my brother and his new wife would never know, but I would. I would know that I was not using the golden rule on this shop and therefor, I should not expect others to come support my shop. Now before you panic I am not saying that we should not DIY-it ever. We have an innate desire to create and we inspire each other all the time with original creations and knock-offs. But,…

from time to time I am saying that we should support each other! We should PURCHASE something rather than creating it for ourselves. If WE can not support the Handmade community who will? And so I have a made a new Handmade Pledge to myself this Christmas season; I will purchase 3 items this from 3 different Handmade shops. I will then blog about these shops and the amazing creations that they have created with their talents and skills. I hope you can all join me in this pledge. You can start this Saturday as it is Small Business Saturday and pick 3 items that you would have DIY-it for gifts this Christmas and purchase them from the shop where you found the idea. You can even join me and blog about it and send me the link and I will keep a list going here. Help support Handmade community this Christmas by making a purchase not a DIY knock-off.

Another way to support small businesses would be to purchase a Pattern from a favorite designer and then create that look or item. This gives you the best of both worlds. We have some great designers on our side bar who would love to share their talents with you too! Just click on one of the images and find the right pattern for you! Friday I will introduce you to Randys Designs and show you the amazing print that I purchased for my Brother and his new Wife. See you then!


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