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Hi, thanks for visiting our blog today. If you are new here, please take a few minutes to look around. You can also find us on Facebook and purchase our favorite fabrics and handmade items at our Etsy Shop Phat Quarters. We hope that you are following along on this pattern tour and getting all the inspiration you need to create the perfect pair of Ruffled Pjs by Once Upon a Sewing Machine. This is a simple, quick and fun pattern. If you have been blog hopping with us through this tour you will see that this pattern is great as is and easy to modify to create jammies that are perfect for your little one. The jammies that I made are for my youngest daughter. She will turn 7 in May and she is growing from a child into a little lady much too quickly. Of my three girls she is the most frilly-ist (is that a word?). She still loves ruffles and lace. So I knew that this PDF pattern would be perfect for her. I choose two of my favorite fabrics in our shop right now; Emmy Grace’s Ripples Pond in Grey by art Gallery and April Rhodes Modern Southwest Peach in Art Gallery’s Arizona line. I also added an aqua zipper and white lace. I love how these bright colors pop off the slate grey!

I made a few modifications to this pattern to make it my own and I am exited to share these with you and hopefully inspire you to mix up this pattern so that you can use it over and over again! The first modification that I made was to replace the buttons with a zipper. I choose to do this because my girls have a lot of hair and they sleep like crazy people. I can not tell you how many mornings we have spent trying to gingerly unwind strands of hair from around buttons.

The second thing I did was to widen the Bodice Ruffle. I wanted to add a third layer to the bodice simply because I hate even numbers (I know – I have issues!) and for me sets, of three are more pleasing to the eye. So I choose the lace as the third but top layer. The problem was that the lace I choose was wider than the ruffle and I wanted to see the ruffle and its pop of coral. So I simply added 3 inches to the width of the ruffle (making it 6″x 27″). I am so happy with how this turned out!

The pants for this pattern came together so quickly! The pattern gives you the option to create a cuff or leave the pant as a straight leg. But…..I figured that since I was going all out with the ruffles and lace I should carry that to the pants too. So sticking with the rule of thirds, I added two layers to the bottom of the pants leaving the hem sticking out as the third layer. It was the perfect end to a great pattern!

I simply used the measurements for the Cuff Option to create the ruffle. I used my serger to finish the length of both sides of the cuff. Then I stitched a hemmed on one long side at 1″ and gathered the opposite side. Next I used a long stitch to attach the lace to the gathered side of the cuff. Then I stitched these, right-sides together, to the pant cuff 2.25″ above the hem of the pant leg. I pressed the ruffle and lace down and top-stitched them with a 5/8″ seam allowance. Now my pants are just as frilly and fun as the top!

My daughter is delighted in her new jammies and is so excited to wear them on Friday as her school is having a PJ Spirit Day. Now that you have seen what I have done with Once Upon a Sewing Machine’s Ruffled PJ PDF Pattern it is time for you to go purchase the pattern, gather some fabric, and whip out your own pair. This pattern is on sale all week for $5! I promise it will be worth every penny. If you need more ideas and inspiration keep following along this tour and see what other people have been up to! Thanks for the visit, we hope to see you again.

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  1. We love what you have done with this pattern! The ruffles are beautiful and amp up the feminine look we love. The zipper is a great add too. Thank you for coming on the tour today. Donna

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