Sliced Wood Wreaths for 12 Days of Christmas

Hello again! Today I am going to show you a project that has been occupying my house and life for almost a month now. It all started with a big and nasty wind storm that swept through our area. The next morning we had no power but plenty of downed trees and branches! My kids and I started to collect all this wood for our fire when I remembered a picture I had seen of a sliced wood wreath. So I convinced my children that heat in the winter was overrated and that I really needed these branches for a project! Luckily my children were very understanding…

Wood Branches or pre-cut Wood Slices (you can find these at JoAnns & Michaels)
Craft Ring -I am using a 12″ for this tutorial (also available at Michaels & JoAnns)
Wood Glue -I used Gorilla Glue, it is my favorite

So the very first step in this project is to either buy the pre-cut wood slices from a craft store or to make them yourself from nature. I choose nature, or rather nature choose us! I used my hubbies Chop Saw and sliced off varying widths ranging from 0.75″ to 0.5″.

Once your have your wood slices cut you need to dry them a bit. If you have purchased wood slices, skip this step. I placed the wood slices on a cookie sheet.

Then, using the ‘shoe rack’ for my dryer, I set the cookie sheet into the dryer and ran the wood slices on a normal drying cycle. At the end of each cycle, I would check for for wetness or cracking to determine if my slices were ready to use.

Next you will need to sort your wood slices into 2 categories based on the sizes; ‘large’ and ‘small’. I know this seems silly but it will really help later on.

Now take all but a few of your ‘large’ wood slices and combine them with 3-4 of the ‘small’ wood slices. Grab your craft ring and lay out this gathered set of wood slices on top of the craft ring. Move the wood slices around until you are happy with the look.

Now we glue. Pick up one wood slice and place a layer of wood glue onto the craft ring. You will also put wood glue onto the bottom side of the wood slice. Then gently press the wood slice back onto the craft ring. That’s it! Just repeat this step until your base layer of wood slices are attached to the craft ring.

Now you can grab yourself a drink or take a quick break, allowing the wood and glue to set for 3-5 minutes. Once you have done this you need to layout your second layer of wood slices. So, take the remaining slices and gently set them on top of your first layer. Mix up the exact positioning of this layer of wood slices by letting some hang over the center of the ring and others hang off the back. Again once you are happy you can start to glue these slices onto you first layer in the same fashion as you did previously.

I try to remember to leave a space, halfway down the right side of the wreath, where I do not add a second wood slice layer. This is the spot where I will add ribbon for a bow and I like having the bow flush with the wreath.

Once you have glued down all your wood slices I would recommend that you place flat heavy objects onto of the wreath to insure that the glue sets. Leave this out over night or for at least 2 hours while the glue sets. After the glue has set you should seal it if you plan on having outdoors.

Now that your wreath is assembled you get to decorate it even though it is already amazingly beautiful in it’s raw and natural state. I used a staple gun to add some pine bows. I carefully stapled the thick ends of the pine bows to the backside of the craft ring.

I like a good organic ribbon that has a bit of texture to it. So, for this wreath I choose an amazing red glitter snowflake on a natural jute wired ribbon. It gives me a punch of color and who does not love a little glitter at Christmas!?!

For design purposes you should try to create a visual triangle and work in sets of 3 or 5. This means that I needed to add one more element to the wreath to balance it out. I choose to add one of my wood slice ornaments that I had made the other day (that tutorial will be coming soon). I used thread and a needle to hand-stitch the ornament to the ribbon. This will allow me to change out the ornament without destroying my bow if I want to change it up after Christmas.

Now that you have created this delightful Wood Slice Wreath you need to find a place to hang it.
You could choose your door, put it on a wreath stand, or your mantle.
Get creative, it is good for your soul.
 I love these wreaths so much that I had to make some in different sizes. I made some with 8″ craft rings, 12″, and 18″.  I also choose different types of wood for each different one.
They all came out perfect and unique.

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  1. I'm so glad you said that these are available at the craft store. I saw a cute ornament tutorial using the wood slices, but I was thinking I would have to saw a piece of wood by hand. The wreath looks really pretty too!

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