A Giving Christmas with Paisley Roots


Today I am sharing a series that I was a part of thanks to Karly from Paisley Roots. You can see all of the great ideas and tutorials to help get your children involved in giving this Christmas in her series ‘A Giving Christmas’.  I meet Karly through pattern testing and have come to adore her! I am so delighted to be a part of her ‘A Giving Christmas’ this year.  I think that Christmas is such a great time of year to get kids to think about other people and instill in them a desire to give and not only receive. I have 5 beautifully crazy children ranging in ages from 10 to 2 years. We are a house full of energy and life. For the past few years I have been using pictures of our family in the previous year to create a Calendar for my Grandparents; whom we call Grr-Grr and Big Papa. This year my grandparents are reaching an age where I begin to wonder how many more Christmas’ will we have with them. So, rather than compiling photos for a 2015 Calendar my children are going to create their own pictures based off of memories that they have had this year with Grr-Grr and Big Papa.

I found this great Keepsake Coloring Calendar at our local Deseret Book Store and knew that this would be the perfect gift that my children could create for their Great-Grandparents. The first thing that we did was talk about Grr-Grr and Big Papa. Then I had each child write down 2 of their favorite memories or times spent with them.

Then they each took turns drawing those memories onto one of the calendar pages. Obviously my 2 year old could not participate fully in this activity but he got two pages that he was allowed to destroy with crayons and so he loved it!

The completed calendar is now not only a tool to keep track of the days but also a reminder to Grr-Grr and Big Papa, every day of every month, that they are loved, cherished, and treasured! I think that this will become our new traditional Christmas present for my Grandparents. It was a great way to show my children that we do not need to just go to the store and get something new or pretty for other people, but that we should share our love with others. For LOVE is one of the true gifts of Christmas!


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