Free Pattern Friday with Mae&K


Free Pattern Friday

Happy Friday. We are participating in Free Pattern Friday with Maegan from Mae & K! She is running a fun series where she will be reviewing FREE patterns that she has found from amazing designers and bloggers on Fridays through out the year. This week she is highlighting the Small Fry Skinny Jeans from Titchy Threads and has invited me to join in the fun! I adore Laura of Titchy Threads and have tested for her in the past so I knew that these ‘trousers,’ as this awesome Brit calls them, would be next to perfection and I was right! The version that is available for free on her blog Craftstorming  is in a size 2 only. But don’t fret because she also has the pattern available in her shop for only $10. After making this pair you can guarantee that I will be buying the pattern so that I can make more for the rest of my kids! Small Fry Skinny Jeans

I would highly suggest you follow Laura as she works through these trousers one day at a time. It is a simple and painless way to complete the pattern and understand the ins and outs of making pants. I will have to admit that this is my first pair of pants that have more parts than a waistband and a bit of elastic. I was worried at first but everything went along just fine, because Laura has great pictures and easy to understand directions. Here is a cheat sheet for the days; Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay Four. The supplies that you need are listed on each day.

Ahhh, now the fun part. These are the trousers that I made for my little men. My hubbie thinks that they are a bit loud, and while I might agree, I LOVE THEM! It think that kids are only young for so long and they will only let me dress them for so long…so I am going to take advantage of my time dressing these little rockers!

Be sure to check out the pants that Maegan created at Mae&K and the ones that Maartje over at Huiseje Boompje Boefjes. And…..


Laura from Titchy Threads is going to give one lucky reader the full size range pattern FREE! Thanks for stopping by today enjoy your weekend!

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