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Do you need a super hero to come to your rescue? I know there are many moments of my day when I wish I could run to the roof top and turn on the Batman light! My goal is to complete a whole Super Heroes Busy Book, but I am going to share it with you one page at a time. Today as part of the Busy Bag Swap Tour I am going to show you how to create a washer machine I used for my “Super Hero Laundry Mat.” This is a color matching page and I am really excited about how cute it turned out.

Sadly My Super Heroes are still not complete but I will be working on that next week. Until then here is a sneak peek at how cute they are turning out to be!

Washer Machine Supplies
Assorted colors of Felt
Page Protector
1 Pearl Snap
Marking Pen
Circle Template

*Cutting Out Your Pieces
To make the washer machine pocket you will first need to cut 1 rectangle out of felt.

Then you need to find a circle template that will fit your rectangle.

Then you need to cut a circle out of the rectangle about 1.5″ from the top. This will be the inside of your washer machine.

Now take the circle that you cut out of the rectangle and use it as the template for the door of the washer machine. You want to make it about a 1/2″ larger than your template.

Then you are going to cut the ‘glass’. I used a page protector for the ‘glass’. I used a page protector because that is what I had on hand. Make the ‘glass’ the same size as the door.

Now place pin your original circle template onto the door. Then pinch the circles in half and cut a little ‘X’ in the center. Using the ‘X’ as your starting point cut along the outer edge of your original template circle.

Lastly cut out  2 small rectangles large enough to hold a snap. Mine are about 2.5″x 3.5 and 2.5″ x 3″.

*Creating the Washer Machine
Now that we have all our pieces we can begin to make our washer machine. First you pin your washer machine rectangle to your finished page. Then stitch around the perimeter of the rectangle but NOT the circle! Now you have created a little pocket for your laundry to go into.

Next we need to make our ‘glass’ door. Take the large felt circle (NOT your template) and place it on TOP of the ‘glass’ circle. I made 2 ‘glass’ circles so that I could add bubbles (little circle white scraps). I am using wonder clips to hold the pieces together as I stitch the felt circle to the ‘glass’, Now stitch around the outer circle of the felt and then repeat for the inner circle, then set this aside for a bit.

Now take one of your small rectangles and attach the female snap to the center of one edge. Then attach the opposite edge to the center of the outer circle of the ‘glass’ door and stitch them together.

Then take your second small rectangle and attach the male snap to the center of one edge. Now place this rectangle against the edge of your washer machine at the center point of the circle opening. Stitch it in place.

Now you can pin your ‘glass’ door over the circle pocket of the washer machine. Make sure that the entire pocket hole is covered by the ‘glass’ circle. Stitch a straight line from the top of the ‘glass’ door to the bottom of the ‘glass’ door on the LEFT side only. I would suggest that you back-stitch over this line a few times as this will be where the most ear and tear will be.

Now you have a fully functioning (but quiet) laundry machine. You can add your own trims, like buttons or hand stitching to complete your look.

On the coordinating page I stitched colored outlines of the pieces of laundry that would be in the washer machine. Now, when little hands take the laundry out of the washer machine they can practice matching their colors by sorting the clothing. 

Hopefully while your little Super Heroes are doing their chores quietly entertained you can get something important accomplished…like going to the bathroom all alone!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the pages that other bloggers have created and be sure to come back and see how the rest of  my Super Hero Quiet Book turns out. Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you get a few minutes of peace & quiet!

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  1. This is such a cute project. I've searched your blog, but am not finding another post so I thought I'd ask if you had time to finish it. Thank you.

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