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I am so thrilled to share with you the extraordinary shirt that I made for myself.  I rarely make clothing for myself. I am not sure why, but it just does not happen. When I have spare time it ends up being filled with pretty ordinary things or something special for my family. Very seldom will I put myself at the top of the list. So when I was able to participate in this Extraordinary Girl Blog Tour it should not come as a surprise that I planned to make matching shirts for my three ladies first and then IF I had time I would make on for me. Funny thing is that I have had a rough few weeks and so in a fit of frustration during a self-induced pity-party I decided that I would make this shirt for ME FIRST, and IF there was enough spare time in the next week I would make my ladies matching ones. Who wants to guess how many shirts I ended up with…ONE…MINE…and I could not be happier about it!

But then came the new problem; I am not as cute as my little ladies and I am NOT proficient at ‘selfies’ or at using the camera on my phone; so what you are stuck with today is a blog post about the great elements of  The Extraordinary Shirt by FillesaMaman and the ordinary things that I do all day. I hope you enjoy and I hope that in the end you will be inspired to make something special for you, your ordinary life, and extraordinary person that you are!

Element #1: Three-Quarter Length Sleeves
I LOVE three-quarter length sleeves. I think that they are such a flattering proportion on all people! I was so pleased with where the sleeve ended on this shirt. It is a perfect length for doing dishes without letting the edges get wet, changing diapers and not worrying about it brushing across something unmentionable, and it covered all the extra bits of my arms that a few push-ups every day would erase. These sleeves made my ordinary task and extraordinary breeze,

Element #2: An Adorable Little Pocket
I think that one of the more fun things about this shirt is that the front bodice is made of two pieces and a sweet little pocket. I love contrast in pretty much everything so this is a perfect fit for my personality. I used two fabrics for the front bodice and choose to make the pocket match the main fabric so that there is contrast but not too much. This sweet little pocket is too small for most things but absolutely perfect for the most important things; like treasures and flowers from the people who mean the most to me. It made our ordinary morning walk and extraordinary treasure hunt for the perfect flowers for mom!

Element #3: High-Low Hem Line
Who does not love a high-low hem line! Not only is it ‘trendy’ right now but from the front it shows the entire length of my legs (and I need every bit of visual height as I can get) and from the back it covers my derriere hiding the effects of gravity. It also works as a great hiding place for a 2 year old who will giggle until we have to find his inhaler when you spin in circles trying to find him. The High-Low on this shirt is not different. It hits beautifully just below the front waistband of my jeans, hides my husbands favorite pinching spot, and made an ordinary game of Hide & Seek extraordinary!

Element #4: Boat Neck Collar
I rarely am able to wear boat neck Collars because they open so far to the edges of my shoulders that my bra straps are exposed or they slip off a shoulder which is something I am not okay with. So this was the one thing that I worried about as I was making the shirt. BUT, I love the way they look and I love how on a onesie you can use the extra width of the collar to roll down the shirt over your babies body capturing any oozing liquids and NOT spreading them all over that precious baby skin and hair as you pull the shirt up and over the head. Sadly I was able to try this on my new shirt when jelly hands attacked me out of no where. Guess what it worked! I rolled the shirt down over itself and threw it into the laundry only having to wash the shirt and NOT myself afterward! Also the overlap on the collar of this shirt came off the shoulders enough that my bra straps were still an element of mystery to the world and no shoulders were exposed when lifting children from the floor. It made an ordinary lunch catastrophe extraordinarily easy to overcome!


Element #5: Easy Construction
As a wife, mom of 5, CEO of a busting home, and all the other titles that I can place on myself, time is a very limited and coveted thing. I was able to piece my pattern, cut my fabrics, and construct the shirt during bonding time with my husband which lasted for the length of a Blazer Game (NBA Basketball team); or about 2.5 hours!

Element #6: Finished Fit
I feel extraordinary in it! It is NOT a box but it is NOT skin tight. It fits me as I stand, stays on when I am cleaning up clothes off my ladies floor, and does not show off my goods when I bend over to tie shoe laces. The bodice has the fun lines that hit at the right spots, it has contrast, and it is a comfy shirt that makes me feel like I actually thought about my appearance before walking my kids to school!

This shirt makes me feel like an Extraordinary person living an Ordinarily Wonderful life! I hope that I have inspired you to take a little time out of your ordinary life to make yourself feel Extraordinary. If you need more inspiration check out what everyone else has created with this pattern by stopping by all the other extraordinary blogs participating! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for some extraordinary prizes.


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  1. Love the shirt pattern and the fabrics you used. It looks fabulous! You are inspiring me to sew something for myself!

  2. It's was really inspiring to read your post. I am glad that you said that THE shirt makes you feel extraordinary, it's flattering 🙂 for me. But, even if I don't know you, I am pretty sure that you an ARE extraordinary person. Thank you for being on the tour! xx

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