Gracious Threads Fur Vest


I whipped up the Fur Vest from Gracious Threads the other day. It was a super easy tutorial that I was able to put together in just over 2 hours (with plenty of interruptions from my crew!) This will be a fun addition to my lady’s Sunday dresses while our weather is still a bit chilly and as she informed me it is perfect when she plays dress up and gets to be Anna!

I stuck to the tutorial and use ribbon for the tie, but choose and extra thick satin ribbon, just to make it even more girly. I adore this little vest and sweet ribbon closure! My little lady feel like a million buck in it!

The faux fur is fun and flirtatious, perfect for this particular lady. I lined the inside with Galaxy’s Quatrefoil in Light Pink, available in our SHOP of course

If you want to make your own, head over to Gracious Threads and you find this perfect little Fur Vest tutorial. She also had a shop filled with awesome patterns! While you are there you will have to see the Baby Bandanna Bib that she made following our tutorial HERE. Thanks for visiting us today and enjoy your weekend!


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