DIY Washi Tape Clipboards

It’s been a little quiet around here but we have been making noise in our real lives and soon we will be able to slow down again and tell you all about it. Until then I am working on getting more organized with my business and hobbies. I love clipboards. My favorite thing to use them for is to keep track of my task lists. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I like the fact that when life happens and plans change I can take off the outdated list and replace it with a new one. It is super simple, no ugly scratch marks in my calendar or torn out binder pages. I also like clipboards because they are mobile and I can use a separate clipboard for each category of my life that needs a bit of attention. The problem is that clipboards are not always aesthetically pleasing; and I like things to look pretty. So I decided to give my clipboards a makeover. I used Stephanie’s DIY Index Dividers with Washi Tape, over at Crafting in the Rain, as my inspiration. And so this is a Tutorial Swap!

Sand Paper
White Acrylic Paint
Washi Tape
Paint Sealer

First we are going to give our clipboards a little massage. Simply take you sandpaper, I used my mouse sander because I am lazy like that, and run it over the clipboard. This will take off the finished coating and allow the paint to set in.

Take a damp cloth and wipe off any of the dust.

Next paint your clipboard white (or any color of your choice). If you have wet wipes they work great for the tight corners where you hit the metal clip. Just wrap one around your finger and wipe off any excess paint from the metal clip. Once it is dry you should seal the new paint with a sealer. I like the spray can version and I simply sprayed it one and let it dry.

Now grab three of your favorite Washi Tapes, that look great side by side, and run them across the base of the clipboard.

On some of the clipboards I did multiple layers of the same Washi Tape to create thick sections. On one clipboard, that I did not paint, I put two layers of Washi Tape directly on top of each other so that the they would stand out against the dark color of the clipboard.

Viola! My clipboards have been given a new look. Now when I look at my task lists, big or small, they still looks awesome and make me happy. I hang my clipboards down the side of a cabinet that holds my fabric bolts at the entrance of my little fabric space.

I would love to know how you keep your life in check, so leave us a comment and say hi! Don’t forget to go visit Stephanie and see her Paper Bag Easter Bunting. It is adorable and perfect for Easter!


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