The Pattern Exam: A PDF Pattern Resource!

Have you ever really wanted to buy a PDF Pattern because you see a picture of an amazing outfit on an adorable child? But then you wonder, can I do that? Will that look good on my child? As you continue to browse Facebook or Pinterest you come across another fantastic outfit that looks a whole lot like the first one. When you find the source you realize that indeed it is another designer and a different garment. So many choices….so many creative designers….so many patterns. Do you ever just buy one or are you overwhelmed from the beginning and run off to your local department store? Did you buy both just to see what made them different and which you could sew with your current talents? How do you figure out which pattern is best for you?

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This is how I was when I started to make clothes for my oldest daughter who was then 6 months old (she will be 11 soon, WOW!). But, even worse the patterns that I had to choose from were in a huge filing cabinet, jammed so tight together that I would have to pull out 5 or seven patterns just to grab the one that I had just spent 20 minutes deciding on in a catalog on the cutting table. Sound familiar to anyone?

The introduction of PDF Patterns has been a refreshing change for seamstresses of all skill levels! But there are still some fundamental issues that arise when you have to choose a pattern to spend your hard earned dollar on. This is what brought myself and many other talented ladies together a few months back. We have been working together to create a platform where we can share unbiased, as much as humanly possible, reviews of PDF Patterns. We call this platform “The Pattern Exam.” It is a new collaborative blog which we hope will become an extensive resource for PDF Pattern consumers in the hunt for their next pattern.

Each month we will decide upon a type or category of patterns that we will review (i.e “shorts”, “sundresses,” “swim suits”). We will then sort through our individual stockpiles of PDF Patterns and choose the ones we will review based on the number of people who own those patterns. {We also reserve the right to purchase a few patterns we might not have…we do have an addiction to feed you know.} Then we will methodically create the garments, photograph the results, and post our individual reviews on The Pattern Exam. Each category of patterns will have an introduction blog post that will contain a side-by-side comparison of the features (content) of each pattern that was reviewed for that month. We want you to not only see the pretty pictures of what we have made but also understand what you will be receiving when you purchase one of the patterns.

One of the great things about this group of ladies is that we all have different talents and skill levels, different lives and family structures, we live in different states and even countries, but we all share a love for sewing, using PDF Patterns, supporting indie designers, and we all have a single goal in this project; helping you find the best pattern for your next project! You can find out more about the Review Board Ladies here and we would love you to take a minute and follow our individual blogs as well. Everyone has different needs and expectations from PDF Patterns. We hope that through this process we can provide information that will be helpful to you and we hope that you will come to trust and respect our skills, reviews and passion. To start off our adventure we choose to start at the base of it all…Undergarments.  We hope that you will come visit us!



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