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So I promised you a few days ago that I would share another PDF Pattern Collection for Summer. You ready to see it? Jessica from Gracious Threads has been super dedicated lately and has not only released a Spring Summer Collection but also is working on 2 additional patterns and an appearance in the up coming issue of One Thimble! Oh and did I mention she is about to have a baby? Well she is and she is rockin’ it lately!

With the Cousu Collection we started at the bottom so this time we will start at the top with these fast, fun and amazing scrap busting headbands. Jessica has better sense than to let me name her patterns so she calls them the Sunshine Headbands.

This pattern is simple enough that my girls we able to make their own headbands, but it still was exactly what I have come to expect from a Gracious Threads pattern. It had clear easy to follow directions with visual references. You could cut out the pattern pieces or use the cutting guide that is provided and skip the ink and paper.

We have a lot of hair in our family and so we really enjoyed the thickness of these. They stayed put and could be worn on different positions on the head so each lady had her own look!

The base of the headband is elastic enclosed in fabric rather than two fabric tails that need to be tied. This is important for me because I hate the tears that happen when I pull those tender neck hairs as I am tying a knot.
The other great thing about this pattern is that if you are not in love with the rest of the collection, other than being silly, you can still get this pattern for free if you purchase any 2 patterns from her shop. These will make great gifts too for all the ladies in your life. And with 3 different sizes it will no matter if your head is big or small, full of hair or or sprinkled with it – the pattern will still work for you.

Next is this Rainbow Tee.  It is a knit top with two different construction options. So you can keep it simple or go a bit crazy like I did and give yourself a fun little challenge. I love how Jessica used solids to create an actual rainbow for her shirt, but I did not have the colors I needed so I thought it would be fun to play with stripes.

Here is my disclaimer – do not attempt this, with stripes, after 10:30 pm. You might get a bit dizzy in the process. But if you stick it out you will be amazed at your results in the morning. This shirt is made with View B and is another scrap busting delight!

Finish it all with a simple and ultra comfy knit skirt and you are ready for a day in the sun! The Cirrus Skirt is the third and final piece in this collection. I choose to make mine without pockets for a streamlined look that can work at the park or at Church.

The back waistband is elastic and the front has an optional faux drawstring closure for a fun and sporty look! The length of the skirt falls right at the knees and there just enough material to make twirling super fun! I can’t tell you how rewarding this collection is to sew. It is fast, fun, and simple! If you want to whip a few skirts or shirts out for summer this is going to be where you will want to spend your time.
Jessica is going to help you get started by giving one lucky person this collection just because you are so amazing! All you have to do is fill out the Raffelcopter Form below. Have fun and thanks for visiting us today!

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