Patttern Revolution’s Women’s PDF Pattern Bundle: Jocole A-Line Shift Dress Tunic

It is time to Bundle UP again! The best part is that this time you can justify it as a Mother’s Day gift to yourself – because you are worth it!

While I love to make clothing for my children I find that I rarely take the time to make anything proper for me. I do, however spend plenty of time standing in my closet looking at all the clothes hanging there and muse about what I could possibly wear to make myself feel a bit more beautiful, more put together, or even plain ol’ comfy. I have now entered the stage of life where I know there will be no more babies and so I can mentally justify spending the time and money to make my wardrobe more of a priority. So when I heard that the next bundle put together by Pattern Revolution was for Women I was thrilled. I choose to make the A-Line Shift Dress Tunic by Jocole. I had some fabrics from Cotton & Steel that I have been hoarding for months and so I figured it was time to put them to use.

This is my first time using a PDF Pattern by Jocole and I was thrilled to finally get the chance! The pattern is packed with information. Not only does it include tips on how to size your amazing womanly body, but it also has links to tutorials about how to alter the pattern to get the best fit on your body.

Creating a muslin is a must for this pattern. By doing this you will be able to ensure that your breast darts fall on a flattering line and allows the front bodice to fit smoothly. I happen to be small chested (I am a 36B with a bit of empty room in there) and so I had to adjust the beast dart a few times to get the lines in the right spot.

Next comes the neck line. Jocoles A-Line Shift dress has two neck line options; a boatneck and scoopneck. I LOVE boatnecks, but they always extend way off my shoulders, which is a style that I am not comfortable with. So I choose to make a scoop neck. This style however, at first, made the collar stand up around my neck in a very unflattering way. So it was back to the pattern to see what I could do to fix this. I ended up having to blend the Large and Medium on the neck line to accommodate for my narrow shoulders. I also had the attach the shoulder on an angle. This is a great little trick that I learned from this experience. In the picture below you can see my basting lines as I fussed to get the right fit

So I discovered that I have narrow and square shoulders. Why does this matter?  Well, patterns are just a base that can be used to make a garment that fits your body. Sometimes that means that your body is perfect for a particular style. Other times it means that your body and the style you are working. No fear all you need to do is make a few adjustments -to the pattern of course (because you are awesome the way you are) and also accept the limitations of your beautiful shape. To complete my custom fit I also had to work on the width of the shirt in general. I again had to size down. I began with an XL and for the side seams came in just under a large. I used this article from Threads to help me in my alterations.

Knowing what your body type is like will help you as you use PDF Patterns to create a garment that fits your exact shape. This is something that you can not get from a store bought outfit and one of the reasons that I am so excited to spend a little time and money on myself and my wardrobe.

The Women’s Bundle that Pattern Revolution has created for you this time is a great place to start! There are shorts and pants, a few dress, and great tops. You can mix and match these to add some style to your summer wardrobe or just to help you feel as beautiful as you truly are. Remember the more patterns you add to your cart, the bigger your discount will be and the better your clothes will fit you! You can keep in contact with us on Facebook and head over to our SHOP to chose from some great fabrics to use with your new Bundle Patterns. Happy Sewing and thanks for stopping by today.


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