Jann Newton’s Decorative Shams & Bolsters: Part One

I finally took my first Craftys class! Have you ever taken one? I have had a profile since 2013 and from time to time have downloaded a free pattern or course, yet, I never did anything beyond that. So I was thrilled when I finally got the chance to take a class, Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams and Bolsters by Jann Newton. This class is full of information! The class is broken down into 3 different projects; Euro Sham, Flanged Sham, and Bolster. Altogether there is just over 2 hours of instruction. Not only are you able to watch Jann preform each step, there are printable worksheets, supply lists, and tips. One of the things that I really enjoyed about taking a class in this format, is that I can walk away from it at any time and when I come back, a hour, a day, or a week later, I can start right where I left off. Today I am going to show you the project that I completed by following the Euro Sham portion of the class.

This is my Alice Book Pillow. The applique is “Down the Rabbit Hole – Alice Applique” by Ric-Rac & Retro. It was published in the last issue of One Thimble. You can read more about it in my review post. Today, however, I am going to tell you about how easily this project came together thank to Jann’s class! I LOVE knife Pleat Ruffles. I think they are very clean and can be made crisp or soft, depending on the feel of the project. For this pillow I wanted them to give my pillow the structure that I felt it needed, yet still be whimsical. For this reason I chose to have the pleats and the pillow base be made of the same fabric. I used a thick natural muslin.

When first watching this class I was worried that the projects would be too formal for my lifestyle. A Euro Sham by definition is a large square decorative pillow that sits back against the headboard. Well, my first problem is that I do not even have a headboard! So this class is totally wrong for me…right…WRONG! What is more creative than breaking a few rules from time to time! You could put a Euro Sham on your couch, on your bed, a favorite chair, or do as I did and make it the focal point of a child’s reading nook. Do not limit you creativity by the definition of a given project!

Back to the class…Lesson 2: Crisp Corners and Knife-Pleat Ruffles. If you have ever worked on a pattern and wished that the designer could be sitting there with you to help walk you through the steps then you would love Jann’s teaching style and the simplicity with which she explains her process. She will teach you how to prevent your pillow from having the dreaded dog ears! She speaks slowly and allows the camera to get right up to her project so that you have a good view of what she is doing. Templates are provided so that your pleats are lovely and even. And while creating Knife-Pleats is not a quick process, if you follow her instructions you will be glad that you spent the time to learn how to do it right.

I am thrilled with the results that I got from taking this class! I am currently working on the Bolster so that my ladies have a comfy long pillow for their reading nook. While you wait to see how that turns out, Jann is offering you 50% OFF this class! The retails price of this class is $39.99 but by using this code you can take the class $19.99! I promise that the information you will receive from this class is worth the full price so you will more than get your money worth with this amazing discount. To purchase the class at this price all you need to do is click on the link here: Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams and Bolsters by Jann Newton. Don’t forget that this is for the whole class! I will be back soon to show you my Bolster and then the Flanged Pillow.


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