Top Stitchers: Fred Up-Cycled!

Yesterday I shared with you how I created Shaggy’s Up-Cycled look for the Top Stitchers Challenge and today I am going to tell you how Fred’s Up-cycled look came to be!

Because I have already confessed in my entry, there is no harm in telling the truth here!  Fred was supposed to be Shaggy and Shaggy was supposed to be Fred. If you need the Scobby gang to come to your house to help you figure that one out, just let me know cause this Momma needs a good nap! Anywho- my good friend Karly from Paisley Roots introduced me to Zone 9 a few months ago. It was pretty much love at first sight! Then when I was thinking about which patterns I could use for this challenge I remembered Zone 9’s Charlie and instantly knew this was how I could create Fred without making a button up dress shirt and a sweater (we are in summer in my neck of the woods). So here is where things got complicated. Zone 9 is NOT from my neck of the woods! The beauty behind the patterns is Sharon and she is in Belgium, it’s only across the entire Atlantic Ocean from me! Well, apparently in Belgium (and other European countries I have been told) not only are the sizing charts different but patterns do not always include the seam allowances. Not really a big deal, but I think between adding seam allowances, converting measurements, and up-cycling, the Charlie shirt I made did not fit the my original Fred. Luckily it was the first garment that I made for the challenge and so Fred became Shaggy and Shaggy became Fred and Charlie still got to play!

Up-Cycled Supplies
White T-shirt
Blue T-shirt with yellow screen printing
Men’s Basketball Shorts XL

So now for the details. The Charlie pattern is unique for me because for proper construction I needed to use two different weights of knit; a light and a thick. Again, not really a big deal- unless you are up-cycling. Then you need to think a bit harder about which old garments to use. I pulled a bunch out in the colors that I needed, red, blue & white, but I had all old shirts and a few skirts and dresses, nothing thick enough to hold the structure of this shirt. Then I saw my husbands old basketball shorts. They were made with a thicker knit but they were a dark navy in color. No worries! They would become the lining. This was the combo that I needed. The thickness of the basketball shorts was perfect to hold the form of the two old t-shirts which made up the outer shirt; one white and one blue with some yellow screen printing on it.

The next question was how to pull in the red ascot that makes Fred, Fred? (Some say it is actually orange, but on my TV it is red and that’s what my kids think it is, so red it is!) At first I wanted the lapel collar of the Charlie to be red. I loved the Charlie for Fred because it was a bit preppy and had the lapel collar. But I wanted this shirt to be worn over and over again, so in the end I used a modified version of the Baby Bandanna from our blog to make the ascot cool enough for 2015! This was the only Non-up-cycled item. I could not find the right red in any of our four closets, so I took a 12″x12″ scrap of material left over from Christmas Stocking last year and a black pearl snap to create the bandanna.

Up-Cycled Supplies
Women’s Stretch jeans size 12
scrap piece of fabric (blue & white stripes)

The last piece of clothing needed to tie everything together was the bright blue bell-bottom pants. I love my parents and all but this is a style that I do not condone and will not sew. So it was Titchy Threads and her Small Fry Skinny Jeans to the rescue. I had a pair of bright blue stretch jeans that a friend gave to me and figured it was as good as gold. I did have to add a scrap of material to create the back waist band and a snap for the closure but other than that, it was a straight Momma jeans to little man jeans up-cycle.

I hope that you have enjoyed a bit of the behind the scenes with me and my Scooby Gang! I had so much fun participating in Top Stitchers and I want to thank them for taking a chance on me and allowing me to grow and developed through this experience. I can not wait to see what next week contestant will do!


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  1. I am so pleased to read you liked our Charlie. I know it is a bit different, working with our patterns, but I hope it was worth the trouble.
    Thank you for choosing one of 'the boys' and making such a cool shirt with him. I am very much into upcycling and I am a big fan of your Top Stitchers entry!

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