Top Stitchers: Shaggy Up-Cycled!

Hi. I am so excited to be a contestant for Top Stitchers over at Free Notions this week! I had so much fun preparing for the big reveal. For our entry post we can only use 4 photos- BUT here I can show you all the details that made these outfits some of my favorite creations yet!

Today we are going to talk about Shaggy, so lets get started! Shaggy’s completed look has 3 pieces; pants, shirt, and vest. We are going to start with the vest and work our way to the pants.

Up-Cycled Supplies
Army Tent (just a chuck of one)
a Flannel Flat Sheet
Pocket & Sleeve Cuff from a Men’s Dress Shirt
New Supplies
Coat Zipper
FOE (fold over elastic)

I started off by using a free pattern from Melly Sews called the Punk Vest! I knew that this was the look I wanted for Shaggy. I was adding the vest to bring Shaggy into the millennium and so I took a few liberties with how I felt he could look more hip and a bit less grungy. I knew that I wanted his shirt to appear big and baggy like in the cartoon so I took the waistband off of the vest. I also had to size the pattern down to 3/4T. Due to the fact that I was using the Army Tent as the outer shell fabric I wanted the details of the grommets to stand out. For this reason I also eliminated the front pockets, collar, and detailed stitching.

I used the flannel sheets for the lining to keep it cozy and because black and white was the only color I could find to match this old army green. The fun came in with the men’s dress shirt. Of course we needed a pocket to hold Scooby snacks and the front pocket off the men’s shirt was a perfect fit. My little crime fighter also needed a place to store his flashlight so as I was looking at the scraps on my table I was thrilled to find the sleeve cuff just sitting there staring at me. Due to the weight of the flashlight I first stitched the center of the cuff onto the lining piece and then made two pleats to overlap the center. This not only reinforced the cuff to the lining, but also allowed me to adjust the size of the holder to fit Shaggy’s favorite orange flashlight. While he has a hard time with the button closure he can pull the flashlight up and out when a scary sound is heard!

Up-Cycled Supplies
Green T-Shirt: Men’s Large

So correct me if I am wrong, but Shaggy always looked a bit…well how do I saw this politically correct…under the influence (aka Stoner) to me. I always felt that if I could smell his oversized baggy shirt there would be the proof. I live in Washington and while this sort of recreational pass-time is now legal I do not stand for it nor want my little crime fighter to look the part. So I chose to dress up Shaggy’s over-sized tee with a smart raglan style shirt. I love Titchy Threads and I went straight off of her Rowan Tee for this one. I had the opportunity to help test this pattern for my boys and I up-cycled my shirts then and fell in love with the look.

Up-cycled Supplies
Men’s XL Button-Up Dress Shirt

Oh man have you tried Gracious Threads Everest Pants yet? I wrote about these a bit in this post here for One Thimble. These pants are great because you can use so many different types fabrics for the construction. For my first pair I used Duck Cloth. I loved how stiff and rugid they came out. The next pair I made classy for Church out of corduroy and then when I got the prompt for Top Stitchers I knew I had to up-cycle something fun. I wanted to keep them baggy and loose and I thought that the detailed bottom panel that makes this pattern stand out could be a fun with a simple change in print direction. I used the front button placket for the top of the detailed pant front and the back of the shirt and the sleeves for the rest. While this pattern has a lining I choose to leave it out. I also made a simple full elastic waistband. I love how there is just a bit of contrasting detail if you look closely and from far away you have no clue that it once hung in my husbands closet!

Although I am biased, this version of Shaggy is my all time favorite! The whole look was completed for under $5 due to a little creativity, a bunch of great patterns, and Up-cycling my fabrics! Thanks for taking a closer peek at my Shaggy. Come to learn more about Fred and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, head over to Free Notion to see my entry for Season 2 of Top Stitchers!

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